Guess What? God Appointed And Anointed ANC To Rule South Africa Forever


For ‘God’ so loved Mzansi that he chose and anointed sweet ANC to rule the people of South Africa.

No, BuzzSouthAfrica is not writing a South African version of the Holy Book. The anecdote is the popular expression of the ruling party over the weekend.

First, the ANC Women League declared that ANC is God’s own organisation.

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“This organisation is God’s. He is with us and he will always be with us. The ANC shall rule forever,” said ANCWL’s Deputy President Sisi Ntombela.

Ntombela was speaking at an ANCWL event in Eastern Cape. The event saw not fewer than 400 female members of the Bantu Church of Christ inducted into ANCWL.

To Ntombela, the induction is an indication of the strengthened relationship between the church and ANCWL.

“The many women who attended the event showed that ANC isn’t dead but thriving in Nelson Mandela Metro.

This organisation is God’s. He is with us and he will always be with us. This place has Nelson Mandela’s name. And we will never give it to anyone else while we are still alive. The ANC shall rule forever,” she declared.

God Appointed And Anointed ANC To Lead South Africa

Meanwhile, ANC’s secretary-general, Gwede Mantashe expressed similar sentiment while he was addressing a gathering. He was speaking at Assembly of God Church in Nyanga, Cape Town. There, he remarked that God appointed and anointed ANC to lead the nation.

“According to our belief, we were anointed by God to lead the country from oppression to freedom. And, there are things that show us that we have that anointment,” stated Mantashe.

Respectively, he said ANC’s OR Tambo and Nelson Mandela were akin to biblical figures like Moses and Joshua.

“OR Tambo stayed with the ANC in exile for 30 years. But when we were about to get freedom the next year he died.” That, Mantashe argued, is like the Moses story. He led the Israelites to the Promise Land but didn’t get in,” he explained.

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Mandela he said, led South Africa like Joshua did Israel. “These examples give us the belief that there is anointment. A directive given to us by God that this country should be led by the ANC,” Mantashe stressed.

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