“Goats And Prostitutes In Sex War” Crazy Huh?


I came across this crazy hilarious piece. First, it was the headline, screaming that “Goats and Magoshas (Prostitutes)” are having a sex war that caught my attention.

I read the daily sun report and it was about some prostitutes complain that some goats do disturb them when they are attending to the customers who patronise them. “They come here when we are working. It upsets our clients and it upsets us,” one of the prostitutes said.

I wasn’t particularly interested in reading more about the goat and prostitute sex war. But for some reasons, I kept reading and soonest, I caught myself panicking to restrain a laughter. It was the shepherd’s response to the allegation against his goats disturbing the mating business that caused my hysteria.

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Based on what was reported, the owner of the goats accused the prostitutes of corrupting his goats. Poelo Molefe pointed out in an irritated, angry mood that the magoshas are of bad influence to his goats. “Every time my goats get to this place they start poking…they see this place as an area for sex,” he said.

These horny men and the magoshas here (Caleb Motshabi, Mangaung, Free State) are harming my goats.”My goats are being chased away by flying rocks from women and their clients” and that’s not the only problem “I am faced with other challenges too…Goats eat anything and my main concern is the used condoms lying around in the place where they graze.”

Although the crumbling building has been a prostitution rendezvous for many years before the goats invaded the place last year, Poelo stated that the location is good for grazing and that he wouldn’t deny his goats fresh feed by shepherding them away from a decent meal in the ongoing drought just to give misbehaving adults more room to misbehave. “My goats love the trees and grass. I can’t deny them the fresh food,” he stressed.

The report then narrated that one of the prostitutes is furious as she has lost one of her best clients who told her that he didn’t want a sharp goat’s horn in his back side. She was quoted saying “these goats come in while we’re poking and just stand there looking at us…they won’t go away when we chase them.”

Yet another prostitute identified as Mankuni complained that the bells around the goats’ necks were doing more harm than good. “Last week I was busy in that room when my client heard the sound of bells coming closer…He jumped up and ran away without paying…These goats are killing our business!”

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