Mr Cilliers And the Huge Goat-eating Rock Python of KZN


Reports have it that a 4.3-metre long rock python has safely been removed from Ladysmith area in KwaZulu-Natal after swallowing a local resident’s goat.

The onwer of the goat reportedly called the police while the rock python was busy with his goat. The police in turn, called Ladysmith’s snake catcher, Fanie Cilliers, to come take the python away.

Mr Nzimande, the owner of the goat, told the Ladysmith’s snake catcher that rock pythons have dominated his dwelling. According to him, he lost two chickens to them that morning before he found another eating his goat.

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Cilliers said: “Mr Nzimande claimed that this was the third python for the day and when the python took one of his goats he had enough. He claims that the previous two pythons each ate a chicken from his livestock and that this is a norm as this happens frequently.”

The snake catcher further related that he arrived Mr Nzimande’s home when the python was still giving the goat the squeeze of death.

“I grabbed this beautiful African Rock Python female and then pulled her from the cliff’s edge where I could work with her safely. I then bagged her and we started the long walk back to the car with this 28 kilogram python on my back.”

Cilliers said the python would be released into a nearby game park that had previously been a cattle ranch. And, added that he earlier removed a 2.75 metre snake from the Estageni area.

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According to him, he noticed that snakes are being killed in the area when he moved to Ladysmith. He wasn’t happy about that and as such, he approached the local council and introduced himself as the Ladysmith Snake Removal Team.

The team includes him, his wife Melissa, his daughter Mishke and his son Sean.

He gave the local councilors his number and since then, has rescued not fewer than 30 African Rock Pythons.