Go Back To The Old Ways Of Queuing For School Application


Just few days after the Gauteng’s education department announced its online registration platform for parents for their wards in Grade 1 and Grade 8, the Federation of Governing Bodies (FGB) of SA Schools announced the possibility of parents going back to the earlier known queuing system of school application.

Issuing this advisory note to parents, the federation’s deputy director Jaco Deacon said they are still concerned that the education department’s online school application system will crash next Tuesday, when parents will compete for spots in top schools for their children

Though Gauteng’s education department still insist on working on the site to function latest today, the site has, ever since its crash on Tuesday, remained shut down.

The department’s spokesperson Oupa Bodibe said;

“The department is confident that the online system will function optimally for the registration and application period for the 2017 admissions. Should there be a need for options these will be communicated.”

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Nevertheless, the federation appealed its member schools to be ready to allow parents to apply for places in schools the “traditional way” – by expecting queues and printing school application forms. Parents are concerned about the delayed registration because places in schools are offered on a first-come-first-served basis and it is unclear how places will be allocated since the system crashed.

When the site was to be launched earlier this year, the Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi, spoke about how it would assist parents and reduce the pressure of standing in long queues.

He said it would be more “convenient, easy to access, and will enable planning and fair distribution of learners across the Gauteng education system” but this high hope has been deterred as parents who could not log in and apply became anxious and frustrated.

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