Gigaba’s Interest In Being Finance Minister is Taking Selfies – EFF 


Thus saith the Fighters – Malusi Gigaba’s interest in being Finance Minister has nothing to do with uplifting the economic status of South Africa.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) made the assertion while it was welcoming the court judgement which declared South Africa’s nuclear deal unconstitutional.

According to the party, the court judgement was a victory over corruption, a victory against kleptocracy and lawlessness.

“It is yet another fundamental reason why Zuma must step down as the President of Republic; he has once more, presided over undermining the highest law in the land, all in pursuit of self-enrichment and corruption,” stated the Fighters.

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EFF pointed out that Nhlanhla Nene was removed as the Finance Minister in December 2015 because he refused to comply with procuring the nuclear deal. “His replacement with Van Rooyen was all in an attempt to have this deal passed,” the party added.

Also indicating that the nuclear deal was why Pravin Gordhan was removed, the Fighters upheld that the current Minister of Finance, Malusi Gigaba was handed the office as an unquestioning mind towards the nuclear deal.

“His only interest in being Finance Minister is taking selfies with his friends and has nothing to do with uplifting the economic status of our country.

…The declaration of the agreement to be unconstitutional is a victory against kleptocracy and state capture by the Gupta family.”

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Acknowledging that the Environment Institute argued that the decision by government to buy 9.6 GW of nuclear power took place without the consultation of parliament and the public, the Fighters remarked that they aren’t surprised the deal was secured in secret.

“It was not about the enhancement of the livelihoods of our people but a means to further the interests of a corrupt government under the leadership and state capture of the Gupta family,” EFF proclaimed.

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