GetBucks is an online lender established in 2011 with the aim of offering financial products, transforming them into opportunities, and helping to create financial inclusion.

At some stage in life, almost everyone needs to apply for a loan – at least loan. Applying for a loan is a sound financial step as long as the monthly repayment is affordable and fits into a carefully considered budget.

Cars, houses, business, education and all whatnot are the most important investment you will ever make. When a number of personal debts are becoming a strain on your budget, the next idea is to look for where to apply for a debt consolidation loan.

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Certainly, a loan can provide numerous benefits. Notwithstanding factors like interest rate, early payoff penalties, fees upfronts, payday loans and unnecessary complications usually discourage people from getting a loan. There are numerous South African home loan websites but GetBucks is one unwavering loan home to run to.

On this lender platform, you can buy airtime, data, SMS bundles, send and receive bucks between friends at any time. The recently launched GetBucks app helps customers in aggregating their data and to also have a seamless overview of their financial landscape.

When you become a GetBucks customer your trust level determines the amount and term you qualify for. Over time you will qualify for more bucks, over a longer term and with discounted rates.

One unique thing about GetBucks is that they allow you to apply for loans from anywhere and at any time and to also pay out into your bank account or an eWallet.

Going for Getbucks is one sure move that can never be regretted because the firm is registered with the NCR and MFSA. More so, all information between you and the GetBucks website is encrypted and secure –  so you are very safe.

How To Apply For A Loan On GetBucks

People who wish to join GetBucks are first and foremost required to open an account. You can register your GetBucks account by simply clicking here.

Once you land on the sign-up board, complete all necessary steps by answering questions on who you are, your salary and expenses and more.

GetBucks will then verify your information to ensure everything is right. After this, your loan will be given to you and you will be allowed to select from multiple payout options. The online lender offers a payment method of EFT and E-wallet. E-wallet is offered mainly to existing clients.


In line with the National Credit Amendment Act of 2015, Getbucks requires a 3 months bank statement from new users who apply for a loan. However, you can choose to complete the online verification tool, in addition to the undermentioned.

  • You should be permanently employed for at least 3 months
  • You should not be placed under debt review, administration or sequestration.
  • An active bank account opened in your name.

Bucks are paid into users bank accounts once they receive an approval SMS – usually within 30 minutes to an hour.

GetBucks Trust Level

Trust and transparency (T&T) are distinctive characteristics of GetBucks and building on this trust is a major drive. In GetBuck, your ‘trust level’ determines the amount and term you qualify for.

Note: To sign up for your credit report, GetBucks will need your ID number and banking details. For your budget tool, you’ll need to use GetBucks Online Verification Tool to log in to your online banking.

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For questions or enquiries with respect to their practices, simply contact [email protected]. For documentations, contact [email protected].

You can visit them at Acacia House, Green Hill Village Office Park, Cnr Botterklapper and Nentabos Street, The Willows, Pretoria.