Get to Know Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile, Leleti Khumalo’s Husband

Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile is a South African business mogul best known as the husband of Leleti Khumalo, the legendary South African actress. Skhuthazo, who is also called SK, was born in 1972. He has been a person of interest in the public space since he tied the knot with his beautiful and talented actress wife. 

Ever since Khanyile married Leleti, the two have been in blissful matrimony. The South African businessman is apparently ‘killing’ the marriage game as his wife describes him as the most generous and beautiful soul she has ever met.

Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile’s Bio

  • YEAR OF BIRTH: 1972
  • BIRTHPLACE: South Africa
  • OCCUPATION: Businessman
  • WIFE: Leleti Khumalo
  • KIDS: Ulwenzile and Yamukelani Khanyile

Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile Was Born In 1972

Leleti’s husband, Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile, was born in 1972 in South Africa – his place of birth/hometown is not public knowledge. He was 40 years old when they got married in 2012. However, the exact month and day his parents gave birth to him are not known publicly.

Like his talented wife, Skhuthazo keeps a low profile on his family life, personal life, and even business career. He is yet to publicly discuss his background, birth details, ethnicity, or reveal the identities of his family members.

Similarly, the names of the academic institutions he attended, starting from his elementary school, are unknown to the public. It is clear if the course he studied in the higher institution influenced his decision to explore the business world.

Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile Became Leleti Khumalo’s Husband In 2012

Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile is happily married to renowned South African actress Leleti Khumalo. The two met on a plane in South Africa while Leleti worked as a cabin controller. Theirs was love at first sight as they connected immediately on the plane, and the rest is history.

Get to Know Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile, Leleti Khumalo\'s Husband
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The businessman and Leleti’s paths particularly crossed while the latter was still dealing with her painful divorce from her first husband. Upon meeting Winston, she was able to heal faster and also move on from her failed marital relationship.

The couple traditionally tied the knot in 2012 in a low-key ceremony that took place at Khumalo’s birth town in KwaMaShu town in Durban, South Africa. They had a lavish private ceremony that had only their families and few friends in attendance.

When subsequently asked why she chose a private ceremony considering her popularity in South Africa and beyond, Khumalo described having few persons in her marriage ceremony as “fun.” Her answer didn’t come as a surprise to the public because she is one person who loves staying away from the spotlight except when she is working.

It is difficult to tell if their marriage was Skhuthazo’s first. As for Leleti, tying the knot with Winston was her second attempt at marriage as she married and divorced South African Verulam, KwaZulu-Natal-born lyricist, composer, director, choreographer, and theatre producer Mbongeni Ngema.

Ngema, who is best known for writing the multi-award-winning musical Sarafina!, fell in love with Khumalo during the period they were shooting the musical, and the two went on to tie the knot in 1992.

They divorced in 2005 following allegations of abuse and other issues like refusing the actress to feature in other productions and not allowing her to go anywhere against Ngema.

Who is Skhuthazo’s Wife, Leleti Khumalo?

Leleti Kuhamalo is the wife of South African businessman Khanyile and the two have been together since 2012 when they married. Leleti is a veteran actress and one of the most-loved actresses in the country due to her lead role in the musical Sarafina!, which depicts students involved in the Soweto Riots in opposition to apartheid.

Get to Know Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile, Leleti Khumalo\'s Husband
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The project not only put Leleti on the international map but also earned her fame, national recognition, and admiration. To her credit, Sarafina! is not the only critical acclaim under her belt; she also starred in many local projects including in her ex-husband’s productions.

Born on 30th March 1970 in Durban, Khumalo started acting as a teenager precisely in 1988. She started showing a keen interest in performing from an early age and later became a member of a youth backyard dance group called Amajika.

Khumalo received an NAACP Image Award for Best Stage Actress in 1987. She subsequently starred alongside Whoopi Goldberg, Miriam Makeba, and John Kani in Darrell James Roodt’s film version of Sarafina! in 1992.

Leleti co-starred in Ngema’s international musical Magic at 4 AM, which was dedicated to Muhammad Ali, and later in Sarafina 2 (1997), as well as his musical Mama (1996), which toured Europe and Australia. Most of the projects she has featured in have won national and international recognition and award nominations.

Some of her post-90s professional credits include Cry, the Beloved Country, Yesterday Hotel Rwanda (as Fedens, 2014), Invictus (2009), Africa united, Uzalo (2015–2018), Generations, and Cry of Love.

The KaMaShu-born actress released her first album, Leleti, and Sarafina, in 1993. She currently plays Mazulu on’s Imbewu after joining the local thriller in 2018. The multi-award-winning actress is also a producer who works as a producer in Imbewu as well.

The Couple Has Two Kids Together

Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile and Leleti Khumalo are parents to two lovely kids named Ulwenzile and Yamukelani. The twins were born on 24th May 2013 in South Africa. Unfortunately, apart from the names of their kids, further details about them are not public knowledge.

The actress is raising the twins away from the spotlight. The actress lost one of her kids in a miscarriage. She and her husband were expecting triplets when she was pregnant, but she sadly lost one.

It is said that she had had some miscarriages in the past before she eventually had her children. For the records, Leleti did not give birth to any child for Ngema all through the years they were married.

Leleti Khumalo’s Husband Is A Successful Businessman

Leleti Khumalo’s husband, Skhuthazo Winston Khanyile, is a businessman. Although neither Khanyile nor his wife has publicly mentioned the kind of business he does, some unverified sources claim he is a realtor and also a farm owner.

It is said he breeds Ankole cattle on his farm. Winston is said to be a successful businessman who has amassed substantial wealth from his business endeavors. He is reportedly estimated at R101 million.

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