Get to Know MaYeni Mseleku, Musa Mseleku’s Second Wife

Mayeni Mseleku is the second wife of Musa Mseleku, a well-known South African polygamist. She was born in 1984 and is currently a 40-year-old South African fashion entrepreneur and reality TV star.

Although MaYeni is Musa Mseleku’s second wife, she actually met him first before Musa’s first wife MaCele Mseleku. Their marriage plans were, however, derailed by family interference, and Musa went on to marry another lady before then marrying her. MaYeni is well-loved because of her assertiveness and straightforwardness.

MaYeni Mseleku’s Bio

  • AGE: 40 years old
  • BIRTHPLACE: South Africa
  • ETHNICITY: Black

How Old is MaYeni Mseleku?

Yvonne MaYeni Mseleku is currently 40 years old. She was born in 1984 in South Africa. There is no available information about her family background, upbringing, parents, siblings, and educational background.

Musa’s second wife, however, seems to have been raised by strict parents who disliked polygamy, considering the fact that they refused to hurriedly give their daughter their blessings when they learned that a polygamist was asking for her hand in marriage.

MaYeni and Her Husband Met in 1997

As mentioned earlier, MaYeni’s path first crossed with Musa’s among his wives. They met in 1997 and were dating up to the time Musa got married to his first wife MaCele, in 2002. MaYeni would have been Musa’s first wife had it been her parents approved of her relationship with the polygamist on time.

The couple hesitated in giving their blessing to their daughter because they were not initially comfortable with Musa’s quest to marry more than one wife, which he never hid from MaYeni from day one.

While they took their time giving their approval, Musa went on to find and marry his first wife. MaYeni only found out about the duo’s marriage on the day of their wedding. When she eventually accosted Musa over it, he didn’t deny betraying her. He rather reassured her of his love for her and promised to marry her whenever she was ready.

They Eventually Wed in 2007 and 2017

MaYeni and Musa eventually tied the knot in 2007 in a civil union at the South African Department of Home Affairs. They had a dreamy white wedding in 2017 at the Banks of the Umtamvuna River Lodge in the presence of over 100 guests.

The highlights of the occasion were Mnini, one of their kids, being their page boy, and MaYeni arriving at the event on a well-decorated boat. Their traditional marriage took place at their home in Kwamadlala the next day.

Musa, a media mogul, and his second wife have been together for over two decades and counting. He is nine years older than Mayeni, as he was born on June 22, 1975. MaYeni gave birth to three kids, and their names are Mnini (born in 2014), Mpumelelo (born in 2002), and Obanzi (born in 2017).

Further information about their respective personal lives is not open to public scrutiny. MaYeni is raising her kids in the separate house that her husband built for her.

MaYeni is a Cast Member of the Family’s Reality TV Series 

MaYeni is one of the prominent figures in the Mseleku family show Uthando Nesthembu. It is a reality TV series that offers the public a look into the dynamics of a polygamous family with one husband, four wives, and a total of ten children.

MaYeni works with members of her family to ensure the smooth running of the show. Musa describes MaYeni as someone who is reserved, attentive, and assertive. It is said that MaYeni never supported Musa’s third and fourth marriages.

In fact, she threatened to leave him at that time, but in the long run, the polygamist calmed her down and made her see the reasons for his decisions, one of which was his desire to father 20 children with many women.

MaYeni apparently does not like polygamy. Recently, she promised to make good her threat of leaving her husband when Musa told his wives of his intention to marry a fifth wife.

Interestingly, the idea was not only kicked against by MaYeni but her co-wives as well.

She is a TV Personality and Fashion Entrepreneur

MaYeni is a reality TV star as well as a fashion entrepreneur. Being the wife of one of the richest polygamists in South Africa, she lives a comfortable life. However, she also makes money from her fashion business which is supposedly flourishing.

Further information about her personal business and how much she is worth is not public knowledge.


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