Get Ready To Be Transformed As Lionel Messi Teaches You How To Be Indispensable At Work


Everything you needed to know, everything you’ve been searching for, and all there is to learn for your growth in your career has always been at your disposal. You’re just unaware of them as you’ve been inattentive, or perhaps indifferent to the idea of being uncommon in your profession. It’s easier after-all to settle for good, get paid, cool-off and be grateful than to step out of a comfort zone, striving not to be stagnant, growing persistently and being better at a vocation.

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However, it pays more to be increasingly productive and valuable than to be irrelevant. Mind you, you’re irrelevant if your organization can easily carry on without you, and operations go on as though nobody left, you’re irrelevant if you’re not missed, and your absence unnoticed. And if your team members or head of unit has never sought your opinion and contribution while you’re on vacation, you’re definitely irrelevant.

To remain relevant, Lionel Messi has exposed that indispensability is attainable for anyone who’s willing to work with his personal tips. I know, football isn’t related to your profession. The core values of productivity, however, cuts across all professions and vocations. So here’s how to be the most valuable employee at your work place, be the Lionel Messi of your vocation.

1. Train And Develop Your Potentials

The essence of training is to tighten up the slack, and toughen the skills. Confidence comes from training. So train to boost and develop your potentials. Don’t be flattered when you get hearty commends about having great potentials. Messi didn’t get to be an esteemed footballer just by possessing potentials. Simply put, potential is everything you can be that you’re not. It means you’ve what it takes to be a better you whom you’re not.

Hence, you have to convert the potentials to competency which can be actualized with constant training. You having the potential to be a great musician, lawyer, or motivational speaker, will all amount to mediocrity if you fail to persistently submit yourself to constant training and learning. Like Messi, put in extra training/learning hours after your normal schedule. You’re not exhausting yourself, you’re rather building your capacity and it will soon pay-off. Trust me, it will.

2. Get Better – Break Your Own Records

Never settle, relent or assume you’ve reached the peak of your success. Excellence is to keep beating your own standards every day. Regard whatever you achieve as a call for greater responsibility. Resist the urge of being “forever” excited over a great accomplishment, and move on towards achieving greater ones.

Messi understands he has what it takes to score goals. He however isn’t satisfied with that as he’s been working harder and training more to score more goals that will exceed those of previous seasons, every new season. That’s an attitude we can adopt in our work life in order to get better, grow, exceed your employer’s expectation and surpass your mates. This is really challenging and requires a lot of hard-work. But again, working hard does reward. Truly, it does.

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3. Organizational Commitment – Inspire Your Colleagues

Being indispensable in your workplace also demands you being committed with the affairs of your organization to such extent that you inspire not only your colleagues but the top managers during crisis. See the burden of the outlet as yours, cover up the errors of your boss and colleagues, and encourage your colleagues to be committed to a project rather than just being involved in it. Devote yourself to the operations of your organization with your whole strength and soul. Own the organization, that’s the only way you’ll get to be a true master.

4. Remain Humble

Regardless of what your accomplishments are, stay humble and do away with the “me-oriented” pride that generally makes people arrogant, rude and difficult to get along with. A good way of reacting to accolades is attributing the success to teamwork, or better still, letting the honor go to the boss. The “Never Out-shine The Master” law of “The 48 Laws of Power” is useful here. As sharing glory with the boss will likely, as seen in some cases, hinders the much-anticipated smooth thrive in your career.

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