Get Ready To Rest In Prison – Msimanga Tells ANC Former Councillors


Solly Msimanga, the newly elected mayor for the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality sounds notes of warning to all ANC councilors in the city to get prepared as he is ready to expose all corrupt practices swept under the carpet during the ANC-led regime of government in the municipality.

The new mayor, who was sworn in few weeks after the August 3 local election, was addressing municipal councilors at the council meeting when he gestured towards the direction of the members of the ruling party telling them of his plans to unveil all hidden corrupt practices they engaged themselves in the past years.

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While holding a file he pulled out from his bag, Mayor Msimanga said:

“Let me explain to the house why there is this boiling thing that is happening across us. You see‚ I am sitting with reports that are starting to shine some light on some of the dealings that have been taking place.”

“So‚ we understand what is happening‚ I have five here (reports). These are forensic reports that have been suppressed for the longest of time. Believe you me‚ we are coming‚ we are coming. If you think that everything was swept under the carpet you have another thing coming. We are coming.”

Msimanga also threatened to dig out all practices termed as forgotten and make sure those involved are put where they ought to be – the prison cell.

“Some will change their suits into the orange uniform very soon. Some have even turned departments into family organizations. From director level there are his siblings‚ uncle and three cousins.”

Angered by the threats made directly at them, ANC members challenged the DA mayor out on his claims, saying he should report the findings to the police if there really is anything worth investigating.

The mayor even alleged that most of the councilors have turned their departments into family organizations, giving jobs to their siblings, uncles and cousins. These he said he won’t accept in his administration.

Cut Costs

Msimanga also announced his plans to cut all costs and save money, starting with cutting cost for lavish dinners and lunches for politicians, which add nothing to the lives of ordinary people.

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He announced that his focus was to “assess the massive issues we have inherited in Tshwane‚ and there is no time to stop for lavish dinners and lunches”.

The mayor said the DA is out to serve the people and not to party with public funds like the ANC who, he claimed, spent exorbitant amounts on food and parties for politicians.

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