Gert-Johan Coetzee Throws One Of A Kind Fashion Bursaries Up For Grabs


One of South Africa’s most celebrated designer Gert-Johan Coetzee is on the verge of transferring his passion for glamour to lucky students through his bursary programme.

Gert’s talented hands have made outfits for A-list personalities including the likes of Kourtney Kardashian and Kelly Rowland. Yet in between his busy schedule, Gert has found time to hunt for two new students who will benefit from his bursary programme.

Luxurious boutique Luminance has also taken up Gert’s challenge to invest in education, adding a third bursary to the programme.

Gert is still wishing for more businesses to join his campaign.

“It’s so hard to get your foot in the door and the aim of my bursary programme is to pass on what I have learnt, and to open doors for youngsters who have the talent and drive to succeed.”

The opportunity is up for grabs and applications are streaming in for the 2017 GJC Fashion Design bursary.

In addition to the fashion bursary is the new GJC Fashion Communications and Buying bursary at the Northwest School of design.

This is the first attempt at Fashion Communications bursary, which aims at training students who want to learn the business aspect of the fashion industry. This is where Luminance Social Responsibility Grant comes in.

“This three-year qualification teaches the business end of fashion – from fashion journalism, marketing and trend forecasting, to buying, event management and online retail aspects,” Gert explained.

Beneficiaries will have the honour of being mentored by the great Gert-Johan Coetzee. They will also get the opportunity to intern at his studio in order to master the business.

Also, the beneficiary of the Luminance Social Responsibility Grant will not be left out as they will get an opportunity to intern at Luminance.

A sowing machine will be giving to all three students and their tuition fees and study materials will be covered for the course of three years.

A product of the bursary from last year, Prudence Kau, is currently interning full-time at his work.

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