German Researchers Have Found A Technique That Could Completely Cure HIV


A team of German researchers have found an enzyme that can “cut” the HIV viral DNA out of a cell’s genetic code, which could eradicate the virus from a patient’s body altogether, Popular Science reports.

As related, the experiment “was done in mice, but the researchers believe that their conclusions show that this DNA-snipping enzyme could be used in clinical practice. And if it can cut HIV’s genetic code out of a patient’s body, the technique could be a cure for the disease.”

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BuzzSouthAfrica gathered from nature biotechnology an abstract report of the new technique which related the findings below;

Current combination antiretroviral therapies (cART) efficiently suppress HIV-1 reproduction in humans, but the virus persists as integrated proviral reservoirs in small numbers of cells.

To generate an antiviral agent capable of eradicating the provirus from infected cells, we employed 145 cycles of substrate-linked directed evolution to evolve a recombinase (Brec1) that site-specifically recognizes a 34-bp sequence present in the long terminal repeats (LTRs) of the majority of the clinically relevant HIV-1 strains and subtypes.

Brec1 efficiently, precisely and safely removes the integrated provirus from infected cells and is efficacious on clinical HIV-1 isolates in vitro and in vivo, including in mice humanized with patient-derived cells.

Our data suggest that Brec1 has potential for clinical application as a curative HIV-1 therapy.

That may be difficult for most to comprehend, but here’s the gist in a nutshell – HIV as already known to most, is no longer a death sentence. And if the positive hopes of this new discovery are actualized, the world will do away with the antiretroviral therapy stress. The expenses that come with the prolonged taking of the treatment, the resistance and adverse reaction issues will all have to cease. Delighted huh?

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