GEMS Medical Aid Online Application Process, Email Address and Contact Details for Help

GEMS medical aid currently provides healthcare coverage to more than 720 000 members and 1.8 million beneficiaries in South Africa. The medical scheme is considered one of the best in the country and it has everything to do with what they stand for and their core values. The GEMS medical aid online application is very easy to carry out. The organization has made it very easy for intending members to process their applications and also reach out to them via several platforms.

The outfit is a result-driven organization known for its flexibility and ability to adapt to changes in the needs and desires of its members, who are also allowed to make use of hospitals on the GEMS Hospital Network.

What Is GEMS Medical Aid Scheme All About?

GEMS simply stands for Government Employees Medical Scheme (GEMS). The medical scheme is registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act 131 of 1998 (the Act) and is strictly designed for government workers within the public service sector.

The primary aim of creating GEMS is to provide equitable access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare benefits to qualifying public service employees and their families.

There are six excellent healthcare benefit options that the scheme provides to beneficiaries. They include Tanzanite One, Beryl, Ruby, Emerald Value, Emerald, and Onyx (which is the top of the range extensive cover). GEMS is known for its professionalism. The organization, which is currently chaired by Dr. Sebayitseng Millicent Hlatshwayo, does not tolerate crime, fraud, and corruption, even among its members.

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GEMS was registered on the first of January 2005 and has been providing lower-income earners in the country with greater access to better healthcare. Members are allowed to make use of the GEMS Hospital Network as mentioned earlier and some of the hospitals on this list include Clinix Tshepo – Themba Private Hospital, Lenmed Health Zamokuhle Private Hospital, Mediclinic Vereeniging, Clinix Botshelong – Empilweni Private Hospital, and ZwavelStream Clinic.

It is important to note that GEMS does not cater for costs of operations for cosmetic purposes or alternative therapy treatments by members.

Can I Entirely Fill My GEMS Application Online?

You can fill your GEMS application online but if you need more clarification on this, you can find out by visiting any of their offices nearest to you. You can follow the link to get the free GEMS online application form. The platform allows users to fill, sign online, print, email, fax, or download the form.

Also, if you follow the link in the next section, you would get to see what the form looks like and other things you need to know to successfully pull through.

If you cannot physically submit your form after completion at any of the GEMS offices, there is a way out. Simply scan the signed application form together with your supporting documents and email them to [email protected].

You can also fax the signed application form together with your supporting documents to 0861 00 4367. These options make it a bit easier for you to instantly submit your application without going to the office, especially when the nearest office is very far from you or you have other things to attend to.

Follow These Steps To Begin Your GEMS Medical Aid Online Application Process

You can register for GEMS medical aid online as the form has been made available for easy registration. The organization has also provided a link where you can obtain information about the necessary documents you must have before going ahead with the registration, as well as samples of the application form.

If you need further clarification, you might want to visit any GEMS office nearest to you.

  • Follow the link
  • Once you are taken to the registration platform, carefully enter all the details needed.
  • Section 10 contains the Terms and Conditions (your responsibilities), carefully read them and sign. Remember, your application will not be processed unless you append your signature to it.
  • You can go ahead to submit the form after you must have successfully completed it.

You would be required to enter a whole lot of information about yourself (if you are the main member) and your dependents. Some of them include;

  • Your employment details such as current and previous employment information
  • Your personal details such as gender, name, marital status, ID/passport, country of origin
  • Your choice of language and communication method such as post, email
  • Information of your dependents such as their names, gender, your relationship to the person, race, country of origin
  • General health information and medical history
  • Benefit option selection
  • Your bank details. This section is compulsory as it is needed for several purposes, including paying you money that may be due to you
  • Payment of contributions

Here Are All The Documents Required For GEMS Application Process

The GEMS medical online application form is very easy to fill as long as you have all the necessary documents. Whether you are a GEMS principal member, pensioner, or a dependent (someone who is being registered by the main member), there are certain documents you must present in other to validate your dependency status.

For people who are main GEMS members, these are the compulsory documents you must present during the application process.

  • Bank statement with stamp (not older than 3 months)
  • Clear copy of Green ID Book/ Smart ID with both sides / SA Passport
  • Previous medical aid certificate with a resignation date (if applicable)
  • Latest salary advice or letter of appointment (not older than 3 months)

If you are a pensioner, here are the requirements for the GEMS application:

  • Z583 (stamped by Commissioner of Oaths)
  • Clear copy of Green ID Book/ Smart ID with both sides/ SA Passport
  • Previous medical aid certificate with resignation date (if applicable)

For each dependent, here is what is needed:

  • Previous medical aid certificate with resignation date (if applicable)
  • Clear copy of Green ID Book/ Smart ID with both sides/ Birth Certificate/ SA Passport

Are There Additional Documentation Required For Dependents?

Yes, there are further documents needed for application for dependents in addition to the ones listed above, as stipulated by GEMS Act. They are listed below:

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A. Life Partner

If a member is registering his or her life partner, the member needs to present a declaration confirming that the dependant is his or her life partner.

B. Extended family

If a member is registering any member of his or her extended family such as parents, step-parents, parents-in-law, step-parents-in-law, grandparents, or grandparents-in-law, the member needs to present a declaration confirming factual dependency of any such dependants.

C. Child of 21 and older

For students:

  • Proof of registration at a recognized tertiary institution; and
  • A declaration* confirming factual dependency on the main member

For mental or physical disability:

  • Proof of disability from a medical practitioner (a medical assessment report completed by a medical practitioner); and
  • A declaration confirming factual dependency on the main member, and that the child is
    not in a state institution

If the child is not a student nor disabled:

  • A declaration confirming factual dependency on the main member

D. Ex-spouse

  • Evidence of legal obligation to provide medical support per divorce settlement or court, for instance, the Divorce Order.

E. Spouse

If legally married:

  • A copy of your marriage certificate is required

If in a customary marriage:

  • A declaration from the member confirming obligation towards his/ her spouse is required

F. Child under the age of 21

  • A declaration confirming obligation towards the child and reason for the difference in surname if the child’s surname differs from the main member
  • Legal documentation if the child is adopted

Note the following:

  1. A declaration, according to the organization, may be a letter, email, or telephone call from the main member
  2. If you encounter any sort of challenges during the application or you need help or clarification, kindly call GEMS on 0860 00 4367 or you can send an email to [email protected]

Various Ways And Office Addresses To Submit Your Application Form

There are various ways you can submit your application forms. You can choose to forward it through the mail or post office. However, if any of them is not convenient for you, there are several walk-in centers to drop off your application form.

GEMS Medical Aid Online Application Process, Email Address and Contact Details for Help
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  1. Email: [email protected]
  2. Fax: 0861 00 4367
  3. Post Office: GEMS at Private Bag X782, Cape Town 8000
  4. Walk-in Centres

You can equally submit your applications at any of these GEMS Walk-in Centres nearest to you.

A. Eastern Cape

  • East London: Shop LG36, Lower Level, Gillwell, Shopping Centre, c/o Gillwell Road and Fleet Street
  • Mthatha: Savoy Complex, Unit 11 & 12A, Nelson Mandela Drive

B. Free State

  • Bloemfontein: Bloem Plaza, Shop 124, Charlotte Maxeke Street
  • Welkom: Gold Fields Mall, Shop 51A, c/o Stateway & Buiten Street

C. Gauteng

  • Johannesburg: Traduna House, 118 Jorrisen Street, Ground Floor, c/o Jorrisen and Civic Boulevard (opposite Civic Centre), Braamfontein
  • Pretoria – Sancardia Building, Shop 51, First Floor, c/o Beatrix & Church Streets, Arcadia

D. KwaZulu-Natal

  • Durban: The Berea Centre, Shop G18, Entrance 1, 249 Berea Road, Berea
  • Pietermaritzburg – Deloitte House, Suite 3, Block A, 181 Hoosen Haffejee Street (Berg Street)

E. Limpopo

  • Polokwane: Shop 1, 52 Market Street
  • Thohoyandou: Unit G3, Metropolitan Centre

F. Mpumalanga

  • Nelspruit: Shop No. 18, Nedbank Centre, 30 Brown Street, Nelspruit CBD
  • eMalahleni (Witbank): Safeways Crescent Centre, Shop S67, c/o President & Swartbos Streets, Die Heuwel

G. Northern Cape

  • Kimberley: New Park Centre, Shop 14, Bultfontein Way & Lawson Street
  • Upington – 61A Mark Street

H. North West

  • Klerksdorp: City Mall, Shop 101, c/o OR Tambo & President Street, Klerksdorp CBD
  • Mafikeng – Mmabatho Megacity Shopping Centre, Shop 39, c/o Sekame & James Moraka Streets, Mmabatho

I. Western Cape

  • Worcester: Mountain Mill Shopping Centre, Shop 125 A & B, Mountain Mill Drive
  • Cape Town – Constitution House, 124 Adderley Street

GEMS Waiting Period: How Long Does It Take?

A waiting period is the time frame between when an action is requested or mandated and when it eventually takes place. So, the waiting period for GEMS medical aid is the time between when your application is submitted and when it is considered for you to start claiming your medical aid.

As gathered, there are two types of waiting periods that GEMS may apply. They include:

  • The General Waiting Period (GWP)
  • A Condition-Specific Waiting Period (CSWP)

The difference between the two waiting periods is just the time frame between them. While GWP lasts up to three months, CSWP takes up to 12 months. So the organization may decide to apply any of the waiting periods following the submission of your application.

However, the organization has mapped out specific waiting periods for certain categories of people as a measure to curb exposure to abuse, anti-selection, waste, and fraud within the scheme and also protect members’ interests and sustainability of the scheme.

As stipulated, main members who resign from the scheme with their dependants (without also resigning from the Public Service) and then re-join the scheme at a later stage are placed on a 3-month general waiting period – which is subject to the scheme rule provisions.

Secondly, dependants who join GEMS on a different date from the main member (excluding newborn babies and newly-adopted children) are placed on a 3-month general waiting period, as well as a 12-month condition-specific waiting period – in line with the scheme rule.

Again, dependants who are resigned from the GEMS and who are then registered by the main member at a later stage are placed on a 3-month general waiting period – in line with the scheme rules.

FAQs About Gems Application Process

  • Apart from the website, what other ways can I reach out to GEMS for application?

Answer: You can put a call across to the number 0860 00 4367 to find out more on how to join the scheme. Alternatively, you can pick up your phone and SMS “please call me” to the number 083 450 4367. Once your message is received, an agent will call you.

  • Can I add someone that is not related by blood to me as a dependent, like my boyfriend?

Answer: Yes, GEMS allows you to include your girlfriend or boyfriend in your GEMS medical aid.

  • I am not a public servant. Can I apply for GEMS?

Answer: No. GEMS is strictly designed for only government employees within public service.

  • I want to apply for GEMS, is there an additional platform that can be helpful?

Answer: Yes. Apart from the platforms mentioned in the sections above, you might find this page helpful.

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