GDE Admissions 2023 Registration and Application Guide

GDE stands for the Gauteng Department of Education and the guideline for GDE online registration and application for the 2022-2023 academic year are simplified in this piece.

GDE admission is an academic program that oversees the admission of learners into Gauteng schools after a successful application. The GDE has a simplified application process that involves a single application process, which allows all applicants to apply at the same time during the application period. The placement of applicants whose documents are submitted within the regulated period is usually prioritized.

GDE Online Registration

GDE online registration is an essential step every applicant must undertake to stand a chance of being admitted into school in Gauteng. The online registration process involves five steps which include parent registration, adding the address, learner registration, applying to a school, and uploading documents.

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Step 1: Details of parent/legal guardian

  • Click the “GDE Apply for 2023” button or click Register when you open the official website of the GDE
  • Go ahead to accept the Terms and Conditions and click Continue to proceed with the process. You will be taken to the page where you would enter your information
  • When the “Enter Parent/Guardian Details” form appears, fill in every field marked with an asterisk

Step 2: Adding the address

  • The required information on the form consists of the parents’ street name, street number, phone number, municipality, and others
  • Go ahead to enter your South African ID number. You can leave the fields with the landline and email address
  • When your account is successfully created, you will receive a text message on your phone with details about the username and password you created earlier
  • You will then be directed to the next step via an on-screen prompt. At this stage, the first step will change into a green color to indicate completion

Step 3: Learner’s information

  • Fill in the information about your child and indicate whether the learner is South African or not, the learner’s identification number, province, and the current grade
  • Once you have filled all the required fields, click the “Submit Learner Details” button


A. You are expected to create a username and a password. You will need this password while accessing the main application. The password has to be unique and must consist of 8 characters, including a capital letter, small letters, a special character, and numbers.

B. Do not misplace your password. However, if you forget your password or username, just go ahead and reset it.

GDE Admissions 2023 Registration and Application Guide
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GDE Online Application Process

The application for admission into a Gauteng school comes after the learner’s parent must have completed the three steps listed above. The process is quite simple.

Step 4: Applying to a school

The GDE admissions application period starts on 22 July 2022 for Grade 1 and Grade 8 applications and closes on 19 August 2022.

There are five application options to choose from when applying for a school for your child. They include the home address or work address application option, the sibling application option, the school within a 30-kilometer radius application option, the school beyond a 30-kilometer radius application option, and the school of focus learning.

1. The Home Address or Work Address Option

When you select this option, the system will automatically filter the schools and ask you to choose one from the options that are either close to your home or work.

2. The Sibling Option

Here, it is possible to apply to a school where the sibling of the learner studies. You have to provide information about the sibling including his name, surname, and the school.

3. The School Within a 30-kilometer Radius Option

If you chose the option of a school within a 30-kilometer radius of your home address, the system will provide you with all the schools within the radius so you can select a certain school.

4. The school Beyond a 30-kilometer Radius Option 

If you chose the option of a school beyond a 30-kilometer radius of your home address, the system will provide you with all the schools beyond the radius so you can select a certain school.

5. The School of Focus Learning

Here, you will be presented with a list of such types of schools. However, the learner will have to complete admission tests.

  • Click the “Submit Application” button after finalizing the process.
  • If your application is successful, you will receive an application confirmation SMS notifying you of the successful submission of your application.
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Step 5: Uploading of documents

Once you are done with the registration and application processes, the next step is to upload your documents to the school you selected. Whether the child is entering Grade 1 or Grade 8, the under-listed documents must be submitted.

Again, these documents are to be submitted within a period of seven days after your online application for school admission.

For South African learners, the following documents must be submitted

  • Your ID document as the parent or legal guardian
  • The birth certificate of the learner
  • Immunization/clinic document which should prove that the child does not have tuberculosis, tetanus, hepatitis B, polio, measles, and diphtheria (if the child is applying as a Grade 1 learner)
  • Proof of your home or work address
  • If the child is in another school, you will need to supply the most recent report of the child

For international students, the following documents must be submitted

  • Passport of the parent or legal guardian OR
  • Permanent Residence Permit of the parent or legal guardian OR
  • Asylum Seeker Permit of the child OR
  • Refugee Permit of the child OR
  • Study Permit of the child OR
  • Parent Work Permit
  • Valid Proof of Home/Work address
  • Child Clinic card/proof of immunization for Grade1 application
  • Grade 7 report card for Grade 8 application
  • Proof of guardianship if a guardian

How To Apply For GDE Admissions Online

To apply for GDE Admissions online, simply visit the website Ensure to follow the instructions that follow for a successful application. Remember you must have a parent login and that you must provide your login credentials in order to access your account.

What is The Waiting Period and What to Expect After The Application?

The waiting period is yet to be officially published by the Gauteng Depart of Education. However, parents are issued a waiting list reference number application. There are six types of Waiting List reference numbers that a parent can receive. They are:

  • WA1 – The parent is living closest to the school in the feeder zone
  • WA2 – A child has a sibling at the school
  • WA3 – Parent works within a feeder zone of a school
  • WA4 – The parent’s home address is within a 30-kilometer radius of a school
  • WB – The parent’s home address is beyond a 30-kilometer radius of a school
  • WA5 – Schools of focus learning

Parents and guardians will receive SMS notifications of placement offer to either accept or decline from 3rd to 31st October 2022.

What Is The Maximum Number Of Schools One Person Is Allowed To Apply To?

A parent is only allowed to apply to a maximum of 5 schools per child. That means after receiving your Waiting List reference number, you can still apply again. Select the appropriate option if you want to apply to another school for the same learner.

You are also allowed to apply for another learner. You will find the right buttons for these options on the screen. However, you can choose to hit the Logoff button if you do not want to register another learner or choose another school for the same learner.

Important Facts To Note About The GDE Admission For 2023

  • Non-South African citizens may apply
  • Each parent may apply for a maximum of 3 children per grade. This means each parent can apply to Grade 1 for 3 different learners to Grade 8 for another 3 different learners
  • You cannot apply online for a child that is to repeat Grade 1 / Grade 8
  • You cannot use the GDE Admissions Online System to apply to schools in other provinces
  • You must make 2 applications if you are applying for twins, the system will later recognize the same date of birth in your profile to ensure that your twins go to the same school
  • There is no age limit to apply to Grade 1. However, over-aged learners may be redirected for admission to the relevant school
  • To apply for a neighbor’s child or sister’s / brother’s child, do not use your own profile. You must register the details (ID Number, cell phone number, address) of your neighbor/sister/brother for their children’s applications
  • Parents for different households are allowed a total of 5 applications for each learner
  • The child must be five, turning six by 30 June 2022. You will not be able to apply for a child younger than this
  • Priority is given to applicants who apply to a school with a feeder zone that covers their home address
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