Gay Patients Now Have Access To Standardized Treatment


Smiles have returned to the faces of gay patients living in Mpumalanga; this is as a result of advancement in medical treatment offered to them.

The development came after a group of nurses underwent special gay treatment training.

According to the trainer, Sibusiso Makhathini, of ANOVA Health Institute, the special training will now pave way for effective and efficient treatment of gay patients.

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“We have trained nurses from 20 clinics in Mpumalanga. They are now competent to accept and offer treatment to men who are having sex with other men,” he said.

On June 6, MSM-friendly facilities were launched at M’Africa Community Clinic in Emjindini township near Barberton.

Mpumalanga has about 20 community healthcare centres that competently treat gay patients and two of these centers include; M’Africa and Barberton Town Clinic, in the Umjindi Local Municipality.

Gay Patients Urged Not To Shy Away

One of the trainees, a nurse, admitted that she can now treat gay patients effectively since she doesn’t hate them.

“Our clinic is now competent to treat MSM and we are calling them to visit us. They will receive friendly treatment. Our nurses now understand better,” she said.

A member of the group- known as Men Sleeping with other Men (MSM) also seized the opportunity to call on all gay patients to visit the center rather than dying in silence.

says it can already see a difference after nurses received special training on how to treat gay men.

“I would like to urge every MSM out there to go and get help and not to die in secrecy,” said Zulu.

Many gay men who graced the occasion confessed that they were disowned and dislodged by friends and family. especially after they openly declared themselves gay.

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South Africa legalized same-sex marriage on November 14, 2006. The country also is among the very few around the world to legalize same-sex marriage.

Currently, there are only five countries to legalize same-sex marriages and South Africa is also the only African country to legalize same-sex marriage.