Was Bonang Matheba’s Uganda Gig A Mistake?


Beautiful TV/radio personality Bonang Matheba has been subjected to series of strong negative reactions coming from the gay community in South Africa and beyond.

Their agitation being that she should have rejected her recent Uganda gig offer because of the current unfriendly gay laws guiding the country.

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As part of the campaign to wipe out homosexuals, President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda signed a law about two years ago which did not stop at branding homosexual acts as an outlaw, but also forced it on citizens to report any suspected homosexual activity to the police.

This controversial law gave rise to increased levels of prejudice, violence and discrimination against the gay community.

After Bonang Matheba announced that she has accepted to host the 2nd annual Uganda Entertainment Award coming up in August, fans took to Twitter to criticize her for accepting to host a show in a country which is known to be very unfriendly to homosexual relationships to the extent of branding them criminals.

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Apart from fans, gay rights activists also took to social media on Wednesday to lambaste the TV personality for agreeing to host the 2nd annual Uganda Entertainment Awards, without putting into consideration the fact that most of her close allies are homosexuals, including her make-up artist Muzi Zuma, who she often makes her trips with.

Fans were eager to know if she will still travel with her gay make-up artist to a country where gays are found repulsive.

Surprised that Bonang did not decline the gig in protest of the gays laws, DJ Olwee tweeted: “So Bonang who has a huge following of gays who are 1st to fight for her is hosting Ugandan Awards instead refusing in protest of their laws.”

Believing that she actually wields the power to make a change the DJ added:

“I mean, she’s one of the most powerful women in entertainment in Africa. I’m just saying!” he added.

Several other tweets followed his, mostly coming from angry members of the gay community.

Apparently, its not her first visit to a country which is not gay friendly. So why now?

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