Gauteng’s ANC To Stage A Protest At The ConCourt Over Parole Of Janusz Walus


The Gauteng’s chapter of the African National Congress (ANC) says it will stage a protest and march to the Constitutional Court (ConCourt) on Monday to express their disapproval on the release of Chris Hani’s murderer, Janusz Walus on parole.

On Thursday, Janusz Walus was granted parole during a ruling in the High Court in Pretoria after spending almost 23 years in prison for the murder of the anti-apartheid hero and former SACP leader Chris Hani.

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The ANC believes that granting Walus parole is a misrepresentation of justice and above all, a tragedy for the late Chris Hani’s family.

Speaking for the ANC, Fikile Mbalula says Walus does not deserve to be freed. Instead, he should rot in jail for the crime he committed.

We are marching to Constitutional Court tomorrow to voice our disgust at the release of Janusz Walus but at the same time exhausting the platforms of the law to support the Department of Justice.

The participants for the march will meet at the Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown Monday morning and proceed to the ConCourt in Braamfontein.

Last week Thursday was a sad day for the citizens of SA as the court granted bail to Walus and suggested that the Hani family should forgive and move on.

The widow of the late anti-apartheid hero, Limpho Hani described the decision of the court to release her husband’s killer on parole as a sad day for South Africa.

She took it personal with the judge that presided over the ruling and blatantly accused her of being a racist.

Limpho was specially unhappy about the guts the judge exercised by telling her to forgive Walus and move on. She made it clear that the judge does not know how she feels and cannot tell her how to feel considering the fact that it was not her husband that was murdered in cold blood.

It’s very sad for South Africa. It’s a very sad day. I am not upset, but I am highly irritated that this white woman can tell me how to feel. She comes with a white superiority complex to tell me I should forgive (and) I should move on. It is not her husband that was murdered.

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Member of the SACP were present for the ruling and spokesperson Alex Mashilo said the party was disappointed but not surprised at the way things turned out.

“We received the judgment with great disappointment, but in a way the signs that it will come out this way were there because the judge kept asking questions which suggested that she will make an order such as the one she made.”

The legal representatives of Walus argued before the judge that he should be released on parole for the purposes of Ubuntu.

While Advocate Roelof du Plessis suggested that forgiveness from the Hani family, the SACP and all South Africans is important in this case to enable the country to move on.

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