Any Building Burnt Will Not Be Replaced, Premier Warns JHB Residents


Following an upsurge in violence across the country, Gauteng Premier David Makhura has reportedly issued a warning to the residents of Johannesburg to desist from violence and destruction of property because there won’t be any replacement for burnt buildings.

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The Premier admonished Finetown community members to be the on guard and protect the roads, clinics and other infrastructure provided by government instead of destroying them.

This comment by the Gauteng Premier was sparked off in the wake of violent demonstrations in Vanderbijpark and Limpopo.

Makhura’s spokesperson Phumla Sekhonyane decries, “In a maturing democracy like ours, there’s no need to burn amenities in order to express your dissatisfaction about the pace of service delivery.”

So far, schooling had almost become a thing of the past in Vuwani after residents torched more than 20 schools in the area.

However, Cooperative Governance Minister Des Van Rooyen said yesterday that Vuwani residents have committed to peace and rebuilding of the area and there is hope for pupils to resume school by Monday.

Several efforts have been put in place to ensure that Vuwani returns to a peaceful state as the town was declared a disaster area this week following an outburst of violent protests.

Minister Van Rooyen said they are gathering information from the people of Vuwani and surrounding areas including their leaders to decide on a way forward.

“We’ll even go to those villages where schools are not operating, we are working with all sector leadership [and] the community, including traditional leaders.”

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He added that community members are willing and have committed to putting heads together to ensure that the children get back to school even though they are not happy with the demarcation of their municipality.

“They also gave a commitment that they are committed to peace.”

A technical task team is working on deducing the extent of the damage caused by the violent protests.