Gauteng ANC Confirms Coalition Negotiations Are Underway


As final results of the municipal elections are streaming in, the African National Congress in Gauteng is at alert. The Gauteng ANC revealed on Saturday morning that it has commenced talks with other parties about coalitions.

However, the identity of the parties were not revealed in the statement.

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At the IEC results centre, ANC’s provincial chairperson, Paul Mashatile, said the results show that there were no outright winners. Therefore, to rule in Tshwane and Johannesburg, parties must join forces.

“Clearly, as the results show in some of the metros, there is not an outright winner. What it means is that as parties we must get down to negotiations now.”

According to Mashatile, the ANC had already been approached by other parties for negotiations. Likewise, the ruling party also approached others to negotiate possible coalitions with them.

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“As the ANC, we have been approached by other parties and we are also talking to some of them,” he confirmed.

“We will spend this weekend engaging in those negotiations because otherwise, if there is not an outright winner, if we don’t talk and have coalitions it means you have hung parliaments and you are unable to proceed.”

Mashatile maintained that the party was happy with its performance in other municipalities. But then, observed the low turnout of voters in some key wards which the ANC would have to address later.

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With the whole result computed, the Democratic Alliance party has taken the fiercely contested City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality.

The DA bagged 43.1 percent of the votes and earned 93 seats while the ANC  follows closely behind with 41.22 percent and 89 seats.

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