Video: Gareth Cliff Speaks On The Need For South Africans To Go Out And Vote


With the long-awaited August polls now breathing down on necks, celebrities including Gareth Cliff urge South Africans to come out and vote.

The local government elections scheduled to hold tomorrow has been billed as one of the most highly contested municipal elections in democratic South Africa.

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Gareth admonished citizens to make their votes count by making sure they get a government that will meet their needs.

Speaking during the launch of Touch Central, Gareth said that all South Africans have a role to play. They have to put heads together to make things better.

“We live in a country where we know we need things. We know that the government should be delivering things to us,” says Gareth Cliff.

“We can’t do this all on our own. But we can do it together. And if you don’t go and vote I think you are counting yourself out of whatever happens afterwards.”

Gareth Cliff joined forces with Tbo Touch to launch a new entertainment company they called Touch Central.

Touch and Gareth released the good news during a luxurious media breakfast at a floating sky restaurant.

The entertainment company is the first of its kind which will provide a free non-stop online music channel to subscribers.

Touch Central will serve as a radio stream with more emphasis on local music.

Touch’s enthusiasm about the company was evident in his speech at the media breakfast briefing. He mentioned that though he wasn’t friends with Gareth before, they have created “the future” together.

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Touch will be hosting the daily drive time show every weekday from 3pm until 7pm on Touch Central. The name of the show remains Touchdown.

A line-up of sizzling hot presenters, mostly females is also part of the excitement.