Here’s What Would Have Happened Had Gareth Cliff Not Left Idols


While some of us can’t tell what the years will do to our looks in the future, Gareth Cliff has shared a glimpse of what his old age will look like.

TV/radio personality and soon-to-be former Idols SA judge Gareth Cliff shared a snap of what a couple of decades will do on his face, especially if he had continued as Idols judge.

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“If I had stayed on @idolssa for too long…,” he wrote.

If I had stayed on @idolssa for too long…

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Cliff who recently announced that he will be leaving Idols SA at the end of the current season is confident he made the right choice.

Earlier this month, a shocking announcement on Facebook revealed that Idols Judge Gareth Cliff has bid final goodbyes to Idols SA after 11 seasons as a judge on the show. After deciding it was time to leave the show, Cliff made the announcement via a statement posted to his Facebook page.

Gareth Cliff wrote;

“It’s time! After eleven seasons of Idols‚ it’s time for me to say goodbye. What better way to bring this chapter to a close than a trip to New York and meeting American Idols judge Harry Connick Jr and being on his post-Idols show — ’Harry.’”

Without revealing his next step after his sudden resignation, Cliff told his fans to “watch this space“.

Meanwhile, Cliff’s resignation as Idols SA judge paved way for fans to express their feelings about his time on the show and his decision to leave.

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Following the announcement, Twitter was abuzz with comments on his resignation. For the most part, a lot of fans were saddened by the news of his resignation as Idols judge, saying how much they will miss him.

On the other hand, other fans of the show expressed joy that he is leaving. Some even suggested who should replace him.

But we are just glad he got out on time before his face sags like the picture he shared.