ANC’s Support For Zuma Weakens Amid Calls For His Resignation


President Jacob Zuma seems not to have a place of refuge as the internal rift within his party, the African National Congress widens amid strong antagonism by the South African public.

 It’s no more news that while President Jacob Zuma faces strong public criticisms which could bring his political career to an end, the relationship between himself and his party supporters, as well as members of the ruling party seem to worsen as the day goes by.

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Battered with questions of credibility, members of the ruling party have become more concerned about restoring the party’s lost glory and dignity at all costs not minding how much it would affect its leader, Jacob Zuma.

This is evident in African National Congress chief whip, Jackson Mthembu’s charge that the “midterm lekgotla needs to interrogate how we as the ANC component in Parliament voted and passed a report on the security upgrades in the President’s homestead that the Constitutional Court declared invalid and unconstitutional, which brought our credibility into question”.

This comes following news by Timeslive that the ANC’s caucus of MPs in Parliament had been asked to “interrogate” why they decided to protect party leader and President, Jacob Zuma during the Nkandla scandal.

 For such charge to have come from strong members of the ruling party and supporters of President Zuma, raised eyebrows as analysts read it to mean that he, like numerous other party members has had enough of scandals demeaning the party through Zuma.

According to an analyst on Daily maverick, the party’s strong political members who have built a strong political stand in the country are beginning to see beyond Zuma administration and their political alertness, they have realized that this kind of behaviour in protecting someone like Zuma cannot continue.

The analyst described Mthembu as a man who despite his political stance, is still honest and always seen to always come into a situation to clean up the mess.

“This is a virtue that right now can be used by the African National Congress. When a situation has reached the point where it just has to give up and start again, Mthembu is the right person to go to face the cameras and admit they were wrong and explain how they were going to fix it. It is a tactic, a way of ‘moving on’ after admitting a mistake. He also played no real role in what happened in the past around Nkandla, which makes it easier.”

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Despite the internal fights caused by those supporting Zuma and those against him, Zuma still seems confident and determined to carry on his duty as the president and party leader until his tenure comes to an end.

In fact, the on-going in-fights in the African National Assembly suggest that the party is indeed trying to draw a line under what has happened in the past. Which again suggests something is changing with regard to Zuma.

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