Latest Victim Of The Menace Caused By Gang Violence


The latest victim of suspected gang violence, a six-year-old Athlone child has been laid to rest after being gunned down in the area during a gang shootout.

Saadiqah Lippert like her mates, was playing outside on Monday afternoon when she got shot. She was rushed to the hospital where she gave up the ghost as a result of the extensive injuries she sustained from the gunshot.

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At her funeral yesterday, community leader Hanif Loonat expressed concern over the amount of evil gang violence has brought into the society.

“It reminds me that I also have grandchildren and children, my neighbors have kids and is this what’s going to happen to them? This has become a concern. We can’t say it’s not our child and it’s part of life – it’s not part of life.”

The teacher of the late six-year-old girl Aneesah Mansura described her as a jovial and hard-working learner who will be missed by both the teachers and pupils.

Members of Garlandale Primary School are still trying to adjust to the reality of her death as many of the little girl’s classmates are still seeking answers as to why she was killed.

In her memory, candles will be lit and pictures of Saadiqah will be placed near the school’s reception area today.

The Menace Called Gang Violence

Tracing history to early this year (January), a 10-year-old boy met his end after being hit by a stray bullet in the midst of a gang violence and shooting.

The next month saw a 12-year-old girl gunned down in another suspected gang shooting.

The young girl was allegedly caught in a crossfire between two rival gangs while taking a walk to the local arcade with her friend.

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September last year in Heidedal, schools were closed after parents confronted gang members with claims that pupils are being targeted by gangs who have moved into the suburb. And the list continues.

Meanwhile, police officials have confirmed the arrest of two men in connection with the brutal murder of the six-year-old Athlone girl.