2nd November Showdown: A Gang Up Against Zuma And His Buddies


Remember the Save South Africa movement? The civil organization mobilizing South Africans to stand up against His Excellency and remove him as the leader of the nation?

They said they’ve been approached by many religious groups, businesses, civil organizations and other structures which have all indicated a solid support for the 2nd November showdown. They are all set to gang-up against Zuma and his buddies.

What’s happening on 2nd November? It’s the day Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan will appear in court for his fraud case.

The Save South Africa movement calls on all South Africans to join a protest against state capture, urging them to congregate in Pretoria at 8am on 2nd November with wears bearing the South African flag.

“We have been approached by a number of interested parties, including civil society organisations, trade unions, faith-based bodies, businesses, foundations established in honor of our leaders and individuals to coordinate the initiatives on November 2, to ensure there is maximum impact and a consolidated civil society voice across political party lines and ideological differences.

“We urge people to join in wherever they are, in their own personal way – by staging protests or pickets outside their workplace or in other public spaces, and wearing the South African flag,” Save South Africa stated.

BuzzSouthAfrica gathered that the following organizations have already endorsed the 2nd November showdown:

Evangelical Alliance of South Africa

South African Christian Leaders’ Initiative

Corruption Watch, the Anglican Church

Equal Education

Active Citizens’ Movement

Section 27


Lawyers for Human Rights

SA NGO Coalition.

Meanwhile, the EFF has prepared its spear for 2nd November. The Fighters will be leading a massive protest action in the City of Tshwane.

Also, the Democratic Alliance (DA) party called on its members to join the demonstrations.

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Above all, Save South Africa admonished all the groups to demonstrate that South Africans won’t allow corruption to continue.

“The looting must stop. Integrity must rise,” Save South Africa charged.