Some Gang Of Girls Are Terrorizing Cape Town Schools


We recently reported that Cape Town was listed in a top 10 most violent cities of the world’s list, and is crowned the most violent as well in South Africa. Here’s a story that backs up the report.

Based on an iol report, a grossly immoral, readily disposed to evil girl gang has bedeviled the environs of a Bonteheuwel high school where they are trying to recruit new members.  

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Speaking for the Western Cape Education MEC Debbie Schafer, Jessica Shelver confirmed that the gang of girls are responsible for certain ruinous damages. Indicating that the problem is police matter, Shelver disclosed that “a meeting is being arranged between the SAPS and the school principals in Bonteheuwel. SAPS needs to be more effective in the area,” she said.

Also, the City’s mayoral committee member for Safety and Security, JP Smith related that the help he rendered was not sufficient as he only deployed his specially trained School Resource Officers for high risk schools at the request of the WCED. “I encourage the school to approach the WCED and we will act on their instructions,” Smith Added.

As related, it’s been feared that a gang war will happen as the “A-Team of Golden Gate” gang and their rival “Stupas” are hunting for their new members in the same area.

A scared Grade 11 learner narrated that she was bashed on the head, and have been terrorized twice by two gangsters from the A-Team gang. “They dragged me across the road and hit me two weeks ago…I have been avoiding going anywhere alone, because they said, the next time they catch me, they will kill me.”

While a panicked mother disclosed that the gangsters “camp out in front of the school and target the ones they want,” another wailed that the gangs are hustling to take way their children and lead them astray.

“These gangsters are taking our children from us. My child is too afraid to come to school and we need to know what is going to be done to help them,” she lamented.

The school principal, Mrs Rayray commented thus;

We are in the middle of a high crime environment. Learners and teachers are in danger…On the school we do not tolerate anything but the utmost respect and an environment of learning. We cannot, however, control what happens outside.

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