Video: African Teenage Singer Had Celine Dion Gushing Over Him As He Hits Her High Notes


When a 17-year-old Gabonese teenage singer was sitting on the staircase barefoot hitting every high note on Celine Dion’s power of love, he probably didn’t expect it to turn into something big.

Samuel‚ who resides in Libreville‚ Gabon‚ sent sweet sensations up the spines of every one that listened to him sing.

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Celine Dion has been one of the most powerful voices on earth‚ no one can dispute that. But, she has to watch her back with Gabonese teenage singer‚ Samuel who has proven himself a worthy competitor.

Gabonese blogger Barack Nyare Mba shared the video showing Samuel do justice to Celine’s 1993 song The Power of Love. The video went viral with more than two million views.

Subsequently, the amazing video clip got to the legendary singer and songwriter‚ and she was full of praises for the young talent. She also helped the video to go more viral through a touching Facebook message to him.

“Samuel‚ your talent is as big as your voice‚” she wrote.

“I’m touched my songs have traveled all the way to you and hope we have the chance to meet one day. May all your dreams come true. Keep singing like you do. When music comes from the heart‚ it knows no borders!“

Apparently, Dion’s endorsement opened doors for the Gabonese teenage singer who had to drop out from school for financial reasons.

Music producers are reportedly seeking an audience with him and he finds the whole popularity scene overwhelming.

“Where I live in Libreville‚ people recognize me on the street and want to say hello‚” he told Mashable France in French. “I absolutely do not know how to handle it.”

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However, Samuel’s biggest dream is not to be popular.

“My dream?” he told Mashable France. “Meet Céline Dion at least once in my life.”

Samuel also has other videos where he sang other tracks by Celine Dion.