Security Alert: Police Confirms Cars Are Being Snatched Daily At This Popular Pretoria Nightclub


Hey, while you keep yourself peppy and excited at buzzing party bars in most nightclubs in Pretoria, do not forget to keep an eye on your car, says the police.

This is because the police have confirmed that a popular nightclub in Ga-Rankuwa, Pretoria is a crime scene, where cars are snatched by hoodlums.

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Although the police declined to come out clean on the name of the club in Ga-Rankuwa, spokesperson Captain Mathews Nkoadi disclosed that the police floods its drawer weekly with complaints on hijackings from the said nightclub.

In addition, the Nkoadi pleaded with Pretoria motorists, new joiners, visitors and party animals to be on the watch whenever they ply along Molefe Makinta Road and around Zone 4 and Zone 16.

Relating more information, the spokesperson added that hoodlums who engage in this criminal acts often target cars like VWs and Audis, parked outside the nightclub.

He disclosed:

“The nightclub has become a major concern to the police. They target cars that park in dark places, with the occupants inside. We want to warn motorists and nightclub patrons to guard against being hijacked.”

However, he encouraged motorists to take the following safety tips in order not fall victims and have their cars snatched.

  •  Avoid parking in dark place;
  • Avoid sitting with girlfriends in the car in isolated areas and;
  •  Always lock the doors

Nkoadi also assured motorists that the police is working around the clock to ensure that the menace is curtailed, as the police have initiated frequent patrols and intelligence-driven “disruptive crime prevention operations”.

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The police officer, who wasn’t economical with safety tips and information, however, advised victims to be observant not threaten anyone that hijacks their car.

Victims must also keep their hands still and where the hijacker can see them so as to give him the assurance of your passive intent and appear less aggressive.

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