FW de Klerk – President Zuma Is Determined To Perfect State Capture


According to the former apartheid President of Mzansi, FW de Klerk, the emergence of Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma as ANC president marks the beginning of decline in the country.

FW de Klerk wailed that South Africa has “trundled aimlessly down the road to societal decline” at a conference his foundation organized to recognize the anniversary of the release of Nelson Mandela. 

He was speaking about the challenges facing South Africa in the democratic era.

And, expressed that the ruling party’s Polokwane elective conference in 2007 where Daddy Zuma was elected ANC leader to replace Thabo Mbeki, ushered-in the aimless trundle towards decay.

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To FW de Klerk, Zuma is eagerly leading the nation towards economic and racial crisis. He argued that state structure are being used to fight opponents. That he said, is evident in the operations of the Hawks, crime intelligence and Police.

Adding that the destruction of investigative unit – the Scorpions – empowered corruption and state capture, the former leader asserted that SA Parliament has been reduced to gathering that enforces ANC’s decisions.

He acknowledged that “there are many decent people in the ANC”, But then, asserted that “President Zuma is determined to accelerate our descent along the road to state capture, economic crisis and racial confrontation.”

Sometime last year, the former head of state complained that the policies of South Africa’s present government will force many whites to flee SA.

Then, he remarked that SA current government is energetic about adopting policies that are consciously directed toward harming white South Africans.

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Again, De Klerk identified that it’s uncool for government policies to be consciously directed toward harming the core interests of a section of the South African population based on their race.

“If South Africa fails, Africa fails,” he warned.

Meanwhile, President Jacob Zuma’s son, Edward Zuma in a letter to South Africans about the affairs of the country, commented that FW de Klerk has all of a sudden become a good governance guru.

Edward asserted that the former President’s administration was all about corruption and looting of state funds.

“De Klerk is the last to be telling us where South Africa is or should be going. (He stole) money to buy an island under his Greek wife.

He must shut up and enjoy the cash he stole from government…stop fooling South Africans by accusing the wrong person thus diverting focus from your criminal and dirty deeds,” he wrote.

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In the letter, Zuma’s son identified that brutal and greedy leaders of the country are in government and several structures of the country.

These leaders he said, have used the government to gather huge wealth for themselves at the expense of service delivery and the alleviation of poverty.