Future Of South Africa: 5 Issues Delegates Would Likely Discuss


In the bid to correct all the errors that’s now affecting the development of the South African state, Save South Africa and the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation plan to host a conference entitled Future of South Africa.

With the conference beginning on Tuesday, July 18th, more than 90 civil society organisations are expected to attend according to Save SA chairperson Sipho Pityana.

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Pityana also said while unveiling plans for Tuesday’s conference, that the conference is about combining efforts, to maximise impact and to apply more pressure on President Jacob Zuma to step down.

“They know the call for Zuma to step down is not just a call by opposition, it’s a resounding call by the people of SA” Pityana said, adding that the conference will also be used to intensify pressure on the members of the parliament to vote with one voice during the upcoming No-confidence vote against Zuma.

Though the organisers of the national conference tagged the Future of South Africa are yet to outline topics that would be discussed, it is apparently clear that the discussions will pay attention to the controversial state capture which links the Indian South African citizens, the Guptas with a number of the government officials.

Pityana, while addressing the media on plans for the meeting accused a number of top ANC officials of playing a major role in the controversial state capture saga.

One of those mentioned was Jimmy Manyi who Pityana described as a rogue and one of Gupta propagandists for saying he (Manyi) doesn’t understand some of the concepts he throws about.

Next is Andile Mngxitama, BLF leader, who according to Pityana, is is no more than just a force on the protection of Gupta interests. About the Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba, Pityana said he is “one of the architects of state capture,…look at his track record”

South Africa may be facing a political turning point by the end of 2017 when the governing ANC is meant to hold its National Conference. This, to some South Africans, would determine the way forwards for the country.

Despite slowly declining support numbers, the ANC is still by far the dominant political party in the country, and thus much of the country’s future will hinge on decisions made by the party in the years ahead.

Vusi Gumede, a Professor at the University of South Africa and Head of the Thabo Mbeki African Leadership Institute once said that the future of South Africa has never been clearer than now.

For good or bad, or for better or worse, the future of South Africa is becoming clearer. The signs are everywhere for everyone to see. It is better to deal with a clear future than an uncertain one, even if the future might look ugly. Now that South Africa’s future becomes clearer, we can all plan better, he said.

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Keeping this in mind, South Africans are hopeful that the forth coming National Conference tagged Future of South Africa will not only discuss issues concerning state capture but that the meeting touch other areas including:

  • South Africa’s Political future and the future of constitutional democracy
  • Economic future of South Africa and the way out of recession
  • Education,
  • Poverty and unemployment,
  • land redistribution issues

Above all, South Africans are hopeful that the discussions would yield result as delegates are expected to come up with a viable approach that will ensure a safe landing of the Future of South Africa.

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