Fun Facts About Shane Eagle’s Love Story With Girlfriend Nicole Swartz

Shane Eagle is one of South Africa’s favorite rappers. He commands so much love from fans that they even go as far as calling “Mzansi’s Drake.” Besides being a fine rapper, the 27-year-old songwriter is also a fine man so much that he has become the celebrity crush of so many ladies. As hopeful as that may be, it’s already dead on arrival because the Let It Flow singer is already taken, and considering how loved up he and his beau are, they are not breaking up any time.

It is not every day we come by romantic partners who have been in a relationship since high school till adulthood. These days, it is even becoming rare to see young adults who have survived a relationship and even marriage for a decade. But the relationship between Shane Eagle and Nicole Swartz has lasted for that long. The celeb has proven to be a different kind of rapper by sticking to one lady since childhood to date, with no known plans of breaking up anytime soon.

Shane Eagle And His Bae Nicole Swartz Have Been Dating Since He Was 13

It may surprise you to know that Shane Eagle started dating his girlfriend, Nicole Swartz, when he was 13; that was in 2009 while he was in high school, and he is currently 27 years old, as he was born on June 7, 1996. Let’s keep aside that Shane Eagle is a celebrity rapper; it is not easy to find ordinary people who have been in a relationship since their early teenage age to adulthood. They were already together before he became a celebrity.

Now the fact that Shane Eagle is a celebrity rapper makes the whole thing more applaudable. Most celebrities of his age have been in several relationships, and many have even been divorced. Shane Eagle and Nicole Swartz have built their relationship over the years to love and understand each other. They have grown together since high school, and this is a rare kind of love story.

This does not seem to be the kind of love story that would end with both parties saying we have grown apart, like Lerato Moloi and Sibusiso Hlatshwayo. Their relationship started very early in their lives, and because they are private about it, it is not known how they met. Nicole’s exact age is also not open information. However, we all know that they have been in love for years and do not seem to be relenting.

Shane Eagle Took Out Time To Celebrate His Lady On Their 10th Anniversary

Shane Eagle and Nicole Swartz keep their relationship private and away from the public domain as much as possible. They are so private that you can scroll through his Instagram account without knowing that he is dating Nicole Swartz. As at the time of this post, of all Shane Eagle’s Instagram uploads from 2018 till date, there is just one with Nicole, which has the caption ‘Master Plan.’

They have been involved with each other since childhood, and his bae has been active since 2014 on Instagram, but in 2017, she uploaded a picture of both of them looking like an item, with a caption that proves it. Since then, she only occasionally uploads romantic pictures with her boyfriend.

Over the years, Nicole Swartz and Shane Eagle have become relationship goals for a lot of people. They are both adorable, so many men would wish to be in Shane’s shoes, and a lot of ladies desire to be in Nicole’s shoes, but they have captured each other’s heart.

On their 10th anniversary in 2019, despite being someone who loves to keep his relationship private and away from the public eye, Shane Eagle took out time to celebrate his girlfriend on Twitter.

He uploaded pictures of himself and Nicole looking all loved up in Asian clothing with a short but heart-warming caption, revealing how far they have come having been together since he was 13. He also used took the opportunity to reassure everyone that true love really exists.

Together, the duo has become one of Mzasi’s favorite partners, and a lot of people are hopeful that one day he will pay lobola to make their union traditionally official.

People Criticize The Lovebirds For Being In A Relationship For So Long Without Getting Married

While celebrity rapper Shane Eagle and his beautiful girlfriend have been celebrated for staying together in love for so long a time, they have also received some criticism for being together for this long without making their union official, especially because he is wealthy and has all it takes to get married and start a family.

However, it must be noted that he is still a young man. The suggestion that he doesn’t take the relationship seriously is a no-brainer; he has made his intentions known. The caption on his post on Instagram on the 6th of April 2021 reveals that the Gustavo hitmaker has big plans for their relationship and is probably taking his time.

Most male celebrities always have children out of wedlock, but Shane Eagle has proven to be a different kind of rapper. He and his bae are not known to have any child after over 10 years of being in a relationship.

Shane Eagle Have Beat The Stereotype That Rappers Are Unable To Stay With One Woman

Along with fame and money comes any woman at the beck and call of celebrities, so it is always an easy temptation to fall into when they get involved with these women and end up having multiple baby mamas.

It takes a very disciplined celebrity rapper to be in a relationship with one woman for years without news of infidelity at any time, and Shane Eagle has proven to be a disciplined and different kind of celebrity rapper.

By staying in a relationship with his high school love for more than a decade without any news or scandal regarding infidelity, he has changed the narrative and beat the stereotype that rappers cannot stay with one woman.

The Talented Songwriter Came From A Broken Home

For someone whose parents stayed together, keeping a long-term relationship may be easier since they have learned from their parents, but Shane Eagle is different. His parents got divorced while he was five, and he was raised by a single father; he only visited his mother at intervals.

After high school, Shane signed up for the first season of the Vuzu rapping reality competition, The Hustle, and he finished the competition as the second runner-up. This helped him build a fan base and gain popularity, which he maximized by dropping his debut single in 2015 titled Way Up.

In 2017, he released his debut album “Yellow.” This album was a major hit for Shane. Its hit track, Let It Flow, became Gold certified. In 2019, he released his debut mixtape titled “Dark Moon Flower.” Like his relationship, his career has also been successful, and he seems to have had life all figured out – career-wise and relationship-wise.

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