Frenemies AKA-Cassper Finally Have Something They Agree On


Sworn enemies AKA and Cassper who share a lot in common but are never on good terms finally have something they can both agree on.

The two renowned rappers have been caught up in one of the country’s longest standing clashes.

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However, the AKA and Cassper feud has been set aside at a time when the country is on the verge of making an important decision.

South Africans trooped out in numbers to the voting stations across the country today for the much-anticipated local government elections.

A lot of them especially the youths are looking up to their favourite celebrities to know who they will vote for. Thus, fans of the hip-hop stars will be pleased to know that their icons have agreed to vote for the ruling party.

It is no longer news that AKA has strongly and blatantly declared support for the ANC during campaigns and rallies.

On the other hand, Cassper remained mum over his political stance until few hours before voting polls opened.

The rapper took to social media on Tuesday night to relive his recent experience which he claimed was a racist incident. Reminiscing the incident that made him voice out his mind concerning the right party to vote for, he said;

“I had a racist encounter at the airport the other day. I cried and I almost got into a fight. It was such a painful experience. I almost got into a fight cos I will not tolerate racism.”

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The incident made him recoil at the thought of what his parents must have gone through before 1994.

“The experience made me think about my parents & what they went through before 94.”

Afterwards, an elated AKA grabbed the opportunity to acknowledge Cassper’s political stance as something he agrees with.

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