#Freedomday: Zuma Speaks Of A Better Tomorrow For All But With A Condition


President Zuma has once again at the #freedomday celebration, assured South Africans of a better future where their welfare will be adequately taken care of but he said this dream will come quickly only if South Africans keep away from distractions.

Speaking at the rally in Giyani Stadium Limpopo on Wednesday, President Zuma urged South Africans not to allow those who have taken it upon themselves to rubbish the country internally and internationally.

“South Africa is a great country” he said, “It is a beautiful country and it has wonderful, remarkable and hard-working people. We should all celebrate our collective achievements, and work to correct whatever needs to be corrected as we move towards a more prosperous society.”

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The president went on to tell thousands gathered at the stadium that the government was improving the lives of its citizens and pursuing a better tomorrow for all and that this should be celebrated.

“Indeed, this country is trying its best to be the best home for all its citizens, especially the poor. We are happy as government that we have the support of the community as we deliver all these programmes. Together we will continue building better communities. Let us work together to build our country and move South Africa forward, together,” said Zuma.

Speaking on the nation’s economy and how it affects the citizens, Zuma said that for the #freedomday to be complete‚ the country’s economy could not be skewed along racial lines. According to him, SA must give practical meaning to the demand of the Freedom Charter that ‘all shall share in the country’s wealth’.

“Government will continue to implement black economic empowerment programmes as well as affirmative action programmes. We have introduced new programmes such as the promotion of black participation in the manufacturing sector actively as industrialists,”he said.

The president said the government would partner with private sector to ensure economic transformation so that the country can expand her economy and create much-needed jobs.

He welcomed the continuing cooperation between the government and the private sector. Consultations with business‚ he said‚ were ongoing to find ways of igniting economic growth and create jobs‚ to mitigate the punishing global economic climate.

“We also continue to engage labour. Together we recently resolved a critical matter relating to worker pensions‚ which was of concern to the labour movement‚ especially Cosatu‚” Zuma added.

Meanwhile, as the #Freedomday funfair continues, the People’s Assembly – a coalition of different civil society organisations, gathered people to pressure  Zuma to resign. Cope leader Mosiuoa Lekota said South African citizens have the power to take Zuma out of the office, but he cautioned that it will be a lengthy process.

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He therefore urged South Africans to get ready for a long march. “We must get to the democracy that we fought for. The democracy that Nelson Mandela signed for.

“We must say South Africa must rise and we must overthrow this little group who voted to undermine the Constitutional Court to retain Zuma there,” said Lekota.