Check Out Zuma’s Take On BEE And Affirmative Action During Freedom Speech


During this year’s Freedom Day Speech, President Jacob Zuma promised that the government will continue to implement Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) together with affirmative action programmes.

While giving his Freedom Day speech at Giyani in Limpopo‚ Zuma said that for freedom to be complete‚ racism must be eliminated from the country’s economy. He also mentioned some other developmental programmes to be introduced into the system.

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“We must give practical meaning to the demand of the Freedom Charter that ‘all shall share in the country’s wealth’‚” he stated.

“Government will continue to implement Black Economic Empowerment programmes as well as affirmative action programmes. We have introduced new programmes such as the promotion of black participation in the manufacturing sector actively as industrialists.

President Zuma added that the government will join hands with the private sector so as to continue to work towards economic transformation, expand our economy and above all, create the much needed jobs for all without discrimination.

The president commended the rapport and cooperation that has been in existence between the government and the private sector, mentioning that consultations were going on with business to find ways of igniting economic growth and to create jobs.

“We also continue to engage labour. Together we recently resolved a critical matter relating to worker pensions‚ which was of concern to the labour movement‚ especially Cosatu‚” Zuma added.

In addition, during the freedom day speech, Zuma observed that basic services had been extended to some communities and households while many others were still waiting because for their chance to benefit from the government.

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He went ahead to pledge that his government will not rest‚ until all households in our country live in dignity and all basic services are evenly distributed.

“We will continue to work with all communities towards this end‚ together building better communities and improving the functioning of municipalities so that they can better provide these services‚” Zuma added.