Marius Fransman Surprises All With His Freedom Day Speech On Zuma, Guptas


The leader of the Western Cape ANC Marius Fransman strongly stood up to the defence of President Jacob Zuma and the Gupta family during the Freedom Day celebration.

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Marius Fransman recently had his own share of the scandal which has plagued the ANC after he was asked to step down from his post by the ANC following allegations brought against him that he harassed a 20-year-old would-be personal assistant sexually.

Speaking in defence of the president and his allies the Guptas during the freedom day celebration at the Cape Town City Hall yesterday, he stressed on fact that it was absolutely wrong to blame either the Zumas or the Guptas for whatever challenges the country might be facing.

He also pointed out that the family of businessman Johann Rupert had long been in possession of a large percentage of the country’s wealth.

During his speech, Fransman asked: “So who is in control of the state of South Africa?”

“What has white capital and captains of industry done to empower, the dispossessed black majority – Africans, coloureds and Indians?” he asked

Meanwhile, several organisations and groups took to the streets in renewed agitation to demand for Zuma’s resignation. This was how they marked Freedom Day celebration troubled by the weight of the judgement passed by the Constitutional Court on Nkandla.

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Thousands stormed the streets of South Africa as #ZumaMustFall sprang back to life on the trending topics on social media on Wednesday.

City of Cape Town march organizer Christelle Scheepers says, “He’s definitely not planning on going anywhere any time soon and we’re planning on continue to voice out the dissatisfaction with the president and the manner
in which our country is currently governed.”

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