Free State Officers Ignored Whites And Went After Black Students


Culled from a News24 report is an allegation that the Free State police partnered with University of the Free State management and raided student residences, arresting people without any provocation last night.

While the aforementioned report stated that private security guards from Fidelity were involved in the raid, it was disclosed based on what students on campus said, that between 9 and 21 black students were arrested whereas the whites were left alone.

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The Daily Vox reported about a lady who experienced the raids. She recounted that “they took guys who were not even protesting, who were just sitting in their rest rooms.

They even put pepper spray in the hostel. We don’t know why they were doing that…they were just going crazy. They tried to enter the female residences.”

Meanwhile, eNCA reported that the security agents in their raid, arrested a journalist who was at a student residence at the time. A station manager at Mosupatsela FM related that the journalist was covering the story for the station when he was arrested with other students.

“I called the police countless times to convince them that he was not a student. I told them he was one of my journalists,” the station manager said. But “the police are insisting that they want proof from the university that he is not a student in order to release him,” he said.

Another student confirmed the raid tweeting ; “I have moved off campus, police are looking  for us. They came to our res with guns. They broke my window but I hid. It’s chaos. They’re arresting EVERYONE.”

Below is a screenshot chat about a first year student who was arrested whereas he didn’t participate in the protest.


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