EFF Tells SACP And Its Dead Horse Mother, ANC To Embrace Their Cluelessness


EFF is pissed with Minister Blade Nzimande for blaming the student violence on the EFF. And, has advised SACP and it’s ‘dead horse mother’ ANC to embrace their total ignorance and mistakes.

The party stated that it’s fully in support of the student struggle for free quality education saying “Blade Nzimande’s senseless statement that the EFF is behind the violence in institutions of higher learning…” indicated that “SACP and its dead horse mother body, the ANC, have lost the plot.”

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Reminding South Africans that the ANC in it’s 1994 and 1999 national elections campaigns, promised the nation free quality education, EFF pointed out that the ANC would always blame someone else for their own mistakes.

“Like the many other promises they made before, they did not deliver. Now the chickens have come home to roost.

“Instead of addressing the students, their Secretary General Gwede Mantashe threatens them with arrests. What kind of government does that?

“And instead of the Minister of Higher Education Blade Nzimande going to the streets to hear the plight of the students, he sits in his plush office, calls a press conference and blames other parties. This is evidence of a movement that has gone leaderless to a tipping point,” EFF asserted.

To the Fighters, Blade and his South African Communist Party is now obsessed with capturing the neo-liberal and right wing ANC.

As such, the party has completely abandoned and alienated themselves from the politics of the left. Instead of the Communist Party giving direction to the student struggle, “they hold press conferences in suits and point fingers at the EFF. They should be on the ground with us fighting this just cause,” EFF stated.

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Malema’s party further state that SACP and ANC have lost touch with the issues of the poorest of the poor.

Their constant pointing of fingers at the EFF is a direct evidence of their recognition that the EFF has captured the imagination of South Africans as the right party to overthrow them through peaceful and democratic means, EFF added charging SACP and ANC to live with the reality till their final hour.

“We are undeterred and unapologetic in our mission to attain total freedom for our people through free quality education. We fully support the student struggle for free quality education.

“We have been advocating for it since the birth of our robust and fearless movement. We say this without fear or favor. It is one of our seven non-negotiable pillars. Hence our student movement is actively involved in the protest initiative. We stand by it unshaken,” EFF proclaimed.

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