Fransman Wants To ‘Understand How In Hell’ He Was Unceremoniously Removed From His Office


When the ANC Western Cape chairperson Marius Fransman was ordered by the National Working Committee to step down, he was cool about it. For according to him, he was just to take a break. “It’s in the best interest of the ANC and myself to take leave till the outcome of the process,” Fransman stated.

Now Fransman is no longer keeping cool. He utilized his Facebook account to draft an open letter where he lashed the ANC decision makers for his removal from power.

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Addressing comrades and his Facebook buddies, Fransman told tales of him being politically attacked. “Last few weeks was extremely challenging…those that did everything in their power to get rid of me, had to do it in the most crudest and most un-democratic ways,” he wrote claiming that he has “been accused, convicted and condemned in the court of public opinion (and) this as we know was organized and engineered.”

Referring to the order he got from the National Working Committee to step down,  Fransman related that he was never formally asked to do so “either in writing or in a meeting…” he learnt that from the media and felt “let it be and announced that (he) will take leave” till such time the ordeal is over.

Fransman further related that he was “strangely surprised and shocked to hear through media article that (he) was officially replaced as Leader of Opposition.

Now again the organization always decide to deploy and redeploy its cadres but the movement always do it in a way that process happens in administrative correct way, and that comrades don’t hear such things in the media.

…As member and leader I felt done in, in the way it happened without dual process, I decided not to invoke my constitutional rights and take it on review.

Now I’m trying to understand how in hell did it happen that such an important decision wasn’t communicated through a process with the affected comrade…”

The Angry ANC member also attacked Andile Lili, a Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) member who informed the media that it has been agreed to remove Fransman from his office due to the sexual harassment allegations against him.

On that Fransman wrote; “this I found exceptionally in bad taste coming from a comrade that has been not only charged, but found guilty in a court of law…In fact if there is someone to be immediately leaving the PEC, he should put his hand up.”

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