Fransman Flies Back Into Sexual Harassment Case


Reports have it that the sexual harassment case against ANC Western Cape leader Marius Fransman has been referred back to the investigating officer for further investigations.

Confirming this, National Prosecuting Agency spokesperson Luvuyo Mfaku related that the case is presently getting attention from the Northern Cape’s Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

As accused, the ANC Western Cape leader sexually harassed 21-year-old Louisa Wynand during a journey to the North West for the ANC birthday rally in Rustenburg.

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The DPP in North West was investigating the allegations against Fransman, but recently decided to forsake the investigation citing insufficient evidence.

Then, Wynand vowed to get justice saying: “I am shocked and disappointed at the outcome of the investigation. My life has changed so much because of this incident and has affected not only me but my family and close friends.

I, together with my legal team are confident that I gave the police enough evidence relating to the charges I brought against Marius Fransman. I am confused as to why they say there is no enough evidence.”

According to Mfaku, the Northern Cape DPP received the docket on May 27, came up with some queries on the case, and sent the docket back to the investigating officer.

They will decide on whether or not to prosecute once answers are provided for the queries.

Meanwhile, Daily Maverick published WhatsApp conversations between Fransman and Wynand which formed part of the queries referred back for investigation. Below is an excerpt.

Fransman writes:

“Forgot to ask. Pl don’t tell your bf you working fr me. Don’t need jealous guys around.”

To which Wynand replies at 14:13:

“hes not that type and ill handle my personal life very discreetly, I don’t mix business with pleasure either, so don’t worry I know how to handle it.”

Fransman 14:21:

“Good..but hey there will be pleasure in business?”

Wynand 14:29:

“I know yes!!”

Fransman 14:31:

“Why u say that?”

Wynand 14:37:

“Because im not going to be working on ur political level u hired me for the hospitality level and that’s considered fun for me cos I love what I do.”

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