Fransman Rape Case: Shocking New Details Revealed!


Following the alleged sexual harassment issue between African National Congress (ANC)‘s chairman Marius Fransman and a 20-year-old lady, a shocking detail about what transpired between the duo, at the ANC’s 104th birthday festivities in the North West at the weekend, has emerged.

According to the information given by the 20-year-old lady, she had told Fransman how uncomfortable she was and how he told her to get used to it if ever she wanted to achieve her aim of getting a job.

“She told Fransman that she does not feel comfortable and he said it would be her challenge to overcome if she wants to make a success out of her career and needs to be clinical and cold about it,” the docket stipulated.

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As disclosed by Sunday newspaper, the detail in the docket said that the alleged victim was apparently working at a wine estate and hotel just outside Stellenbosch, when she met Fransman and was offered the position as his personal assistant.

She went for a job interview on January 2 and was given the job position. Fransman apparently then told the woman she would be accompanying him on January 4 to Rustenburg in the North West.

The docket went further to state that the first incident of assault, allegedly occurred in a car in which Fransman, two of his friends and the woman were travelling.  At one point, Fransman apparently swapped seats with his friends, to sit in the back with her and he then started touching her inappropriately.

“on Tuesday, January 5, at about 02:19, they arrived at the Flamingo hotel in Kimberley whereby she was forced to share the bed with the subject and he would wrap his arms over her and rubbed himself against her, touching her breasts. it said.

It was then at that point that the victim claimed to have confronted Mr. Fransman telling him that she was uncomfortable with his advances but he allegedly told her that it was “her challenge to overcome” if she wanted to make a success of her career, and on Friday, she arrived in the North West and subsequently laid a complaint with the Sun City police.

Though Fransman is yet to reveal his own part of the story, sources say that the police and Fransman’s party are putting the lady under pressure to withdraw the case.

However, the ANC Western Cape spokesperson Yonela Diko denied the claims that anyone tried to quash the case or that anyone offered money to the victim to drop it. He added that Fransman was still enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep, despite the case against him. “Marius Fransman is not losing any sleep over this. He’s had 20 years of unbroken service and he’s seen it all” he said.