Marius Fransman Must Fall – ANC


The ANC was apparently not kidding when it revealed that it will discipline any party member caught on the wrong side of the law in order to amend the deteriorating public confidence in the ruling party. Reports have it that the ANC Western Cape chairperson Marius Fransman has been ordered by the National Working Committee to step down.

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As gathered, the ANC Western Cape chairperson was asked to step down pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation on the sexual assault allegation on him.

 ANC spokesperson, Zizi Kodwa informed New24 that “the national officials, seized with the supervision of the ANC constitution, having considered the representations from ANC structures referred the matter to the national working committee (NWC).”

According to Kodwa, “the NWC directed that the chairperson step down and allow the criminal investigation and police to finalize their investigation and the [ANC] integrity commission to present its final report.”

While it is reported that Fransman, from all indication, does not intend to disregard the NWC directives, the ANC Western Cape chairperson has nonetheless insisted that he wasn’t suspended but just asked to take a break.

Speaking, Fransman admitted that he received directive from the national office to step aside until the investigation into the allegations on him are concluded. He stated that he will not disobey or fight the decision of the party as it is in the best interest of the ANC to guard its integrity.

“I was hoping the investigation would have been finalized but it’s still ongoing. I do think it’s in the best interest of the ANC and myself to take leave till the outcome of the process.”

A women alleged that the ANC Western Cape chairperson sexually harassed her earlier this month during a journey to the North West for the ANC birthday rally in Rustenburg.

The 20-year-old lady as detailed in a previous report, met Fransman and was offered a position as his personal assistant. Fransman asked the lady to accompany him on January 4 to Rustenburg, they arrived at the Flamingo hotel in Kimberley and she was forced to share a bed with Fransman who allegedly wrapped his arms over her and rubbed himself against her, touching her inappropriately.

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