Four IEC Officials Axed, What Did They Do?


The Chief Electoral Officer of the Independent Electoral Commission has announced the dismissal of four IEC officials citing breach of electoral procedures.

Mosotho Moepya divulged this during an IEC briefing in Pretoria.

According to him, the presiding officers and their deputies are guilty of a serious breach of the electoral code.

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They allowed “voters who have not been granted special vote to vote.” And failed “to secure the ballot boxes.”

Aside that, the Chief Electoral Officer indicated that there were instances where the correct procedures were not adhered to.

However, IEC said the first two days of special voting have provided them the opportunity to fine tune their operations and deal with any process and logistical issues.

“Among the challenges encountered yesterday include isolated cases of election officials not following the correct procedure for special votes – including not using the double envelope system and three reported cases of voters who had not applied for but were granted permission to vote.

In all these instances the affected ballots have been quarantined and the Commission will, after consultation with the National Political Party Liaison Committee, determine the way forward.

In voting stations where procedures were not followed the Presiding Officers and Deputy Presiding Officers have been issued with warnings. In two cases where the behavior of the POs and DPOs were believed to be more serious breaches – including allowing voters who had not been granted special votes to vote and failing to secure ballot boxes – they have been summarily dismissed,” IEC related.

IEC said they encountered other challenges.

“Two tents were also burnt in an overnight apparent arson attack by disgruntled residents in Freedom Park, Ekurhuleni, Gauteng. These tents have been replaced today and extra security arranged.”

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Also, the Electoral Commission said the report about people arrested with large quantities of ballot papers already marked for a specific party is a hoax.