Lets Fight For The Constitution On The Forthcoming Freedom Day


Ahead of the forthcoming freedom Day on 27th April, South Africans have been urged to utilize the day to fight for the nation’s constitution.

Having faced diverse corrupt and unconstitutional practices in recent times, the citizens are urged to retrace their steps and amend all loopholes that undermine the freedom of the constitution.

This special day is always set apart to celebrate the nation’s freedom and to commemorate the first post-apartheid elections held on that day in 1994.

Following the failed move for the impeachment of President Jacob Zuma by the Democratic Alliance’s (DA), individuals and groups who are concerned about the growth and development of the nation’s democracy have in one voice cried for the supremacy of the constitution and for President Zuma to step down.

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To commemorate the freedom day, some civil society leaders have not only called for the president but also on Members of Parliament (MPs) to ‘break free’ from what they call a cycle of silence, and do what is constitutionally and ethically right.

Looking at the situation of things in the country, an analyst says one will not be far from the truth to say South Africa is heading towards becoming a failing state.

State weakness does not necessarily mean under-performance. A state could appear to be strong in terms of government institutions and control of territory while failing to deliver political goods, especially public services, to their citizens.

Among several factors leading to state, failure are economic underdevelopment, misgovernment, widespread poverty, heavy dependence on foreign aid most of which are currently witnessed by our nation.

Experts, however, warn against the possibility of the masses losing faith in the constitution. “This will be dangerous to the nation’s democracy,” they say.

As religious leaders, former politicians and civil society organisations will be leading a national dialogue to find a plan of action for the president’s removal later this month, South Africans are reminded to remain united and not allow loopholes from racial differences destroy what has been long fought for.

Corruption Watch and the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) have also joined other organizations to criticize the National Assembly for what it calls ‘not understanding the Constitutional Court pronouncement on separation of powers’.

The group says South Africans are feeling the pain and that anger and urgency is growing and that it’s now up to ordinary South Africans to ‘reclaim a hard-won democracy’. Freedom should mean emancipation from poverty, unemployment, racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination but many of these are still rife in our country.

Truth be told, the nation is still a long way from solving many of the legacies of Apartheid which cannot be solved by the government alone but by every well-meaning citizen of South Africa. Let April 27 Freedom Day Be remembered for the sake of our constitution. Together we can make it.

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