Former SRC Member Swindled Thousands From Students For Fake Registration


More than 30 first-time applicants and returning students of the university of Johannesburg (UJ) have been scammed by a former member of the Student Representative council (SRC) of the institution.

A female student among other two revealed that a former SRC member that goes by the name Njabulo Mbele extorted money from them after issuing them with fake student numbers and acceptance letters.

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For their own safety, the three students who gave out the information asked to remain anonymous on the matter saying they already received some threatening phone-calls from Mbele.

The students revealed that at least 40 of them have complained about Mbele taking their money in the bid to help them in first year registration as well as “helping” failed students re-apply to UJ all of which never yielded any positive result.

“When I logged in a few weeks later with the student number he gave me, the on-line application said my student number was invalid – that it was false,” she said.

Another victim of this student based scam said a friend recommended Mbele as someone with connections with the faculty registration officers within the university. Thus, he is said to be able to speed up the registration process.

“He registered me for the wrong courses and that’s when I started thinking this was shady.”

The total amount the three students paid for the fake registration is R7500.

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Meanwhile, when questioned, The former SRC member denied being paid any money. The blame, he said, was with someone “inside the university”. He also said the university official he worked with “vanished off the face of the earth”.

“I am highly shocked by these allegations. I did help two students since 2014 but I don’t know about any other students,” he said.

He also denied any knowledge of the fake acceptance letters and claims of threatening calls from him.