Tbo Touch Is Ready To Go Back To SABC On One Condition


Former Metro FM jock Tbo Touch who now runs his own online channel, Touch Central, has offered to come back to the public broadcaster, SABC, on one condition.

The radio jock’s departure from Metro FM caused a massive stir as fans were not let in on why he left. His myriad of fans were left devastated and found it hard to adjust to the replacement on his Drive Time show.

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However, speaking of the time he spent with the broadcaster, Touch asserted that the only time he will ever go back to the state broadcaster is if he’s made CEO, before the age of 40.

Touch told DRUM:

“The only time I’ll go back (to the SABC) is as CEO. But if I don’t get it before I’m 40, I’m not interested.”

In addition, he set the record straight during an interview on Cliffcentral, concerning his sudden departure from the station. He insisted that there is no bad blood between him and the SABC.

Hear him:

“I was happy to complete a journey of a good life span and you can never discount the opportunity that the SABC afforded both Gareth and I.”

Fans were not entirely wrong to imagine the worst. Notably, former Metro FM jock Tbo Touch was suspended by the station a few months before his official resignation. There were rumours of a physical altercation at the time, which he denied.

Nevertheless, Touch explained what led to his suspension and how it made him realise his worth;

“I’ve always been the type of person who pushes boundaries. My ideas aggravated certain people. When I was asked to cut certain features, I refused. I was asked to stop certain things on air, and I refused.”

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“I got a lot of offers during my suspension and I had to remind myself that my gift got me here. So, I asked myself, ‘why you still allow yourself to go through what you’re going through when you’re on demand.”

Evidently, this was how he decided to team up with Gareth Cliff to launch the future on radio – Touch Central.

And since then, he hasn’t looked back.