Trevor Manuel Must Stop Behaving Like A Cheating Boyfriend – ANCYL


The ANCYL says former Finance Minister, Trevor Manuel must stop behaving like a cheating boyfriend when he’s confronted to comment on the charges that may be brought against him by the Hawks for allegedly signing off an SA Revenue Service modernization contract worth R100 million.

Circulating reports have it that the modernization contract currently stands at R1 billion, and that Manuel signed it without following due processes.

The Citizen reported that Manuel made the comments below when he was contacted to comment on the issue.

“I’m not a public person. This is my private number. Don’t ever call me ever again. Take out my number out of your bloody system. I’m not here for you, go away. Don’t bloody f***ing bother me.”

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Reacting ANCYL regarded the former Finance Minister’s remark as despicable, unfortunate, rude and reckless.

“It is our considered view that this kind of language should not be encouraged, thus must be condemned in the strongest possible terms. It is expected that when journalists ask anyone to comment on a matter that pertains to them, those individuals ought to comment in a dignified way. Even if it means that the comment is: ‘I do not want to comment on that matter’.

“…At least, …Manuel would have simply declined to comment. But it must be noted that Trevor ought to respond on the matter in question concerning public funds and allegations of flouting of procurement policies of government,” ANCYL stated.

The Youth Leauge pointed out that “corruption has been the talk of town”. Thus, it argued that Manuel “must account for what can be perceived as maladministration or corruption.”

With the above, ANCYL called on relevant authorities to pursue the matter against the former Finance Minister.

“…He must account about what happened during his tenure in government. We call on Trevor Manuel to apologize to the journalist concerned and to the public for such use of words, which are unfortunate.

Many people in South Africa have been complaining about accuracy, objectivity and balance of stories journalists write. When journalists want to achieve such, they are insulted. This cannot be! How do you then expect that a journalist will have a balanced story when they are treated in this manner?” Asked the youth league.

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Thereafter, ANCYL asked the ANC leadership to formally charge Comrade Trevor Manuel for his remarks.

“It is our expectation that the ANC must be consistent in carrying out discipline and dealing with ill discipline. The behavior of Mr Trevor Manuel as a leader in business, does not inspire confidence instead it inculcates the misconception that business and business people can get away with anything and they are ‘untouchable’

“…It would appears that from Trevor Manuel’s comments, he has a lot to answer for. His behavior is identical to that of a cheating boyfriend. It is commonly known that boyfriends who cheat, when asked to account about unclear interactions with certain individuals, their first reaction is that of getting angry and insulting.

“Please, the man must stop behaving like a person who cheats, unless of course, if that is the case! This unbecoming behavior of a former cabinet minister and current chair of Old Mutual SA is an assault, not only to women in general but to the young people of this country as well,” added the Youth League.