Exposed! Foreigners Pay ‘The Guptas And The Zumas’ Before Arriving South Africa


Democratic Alliance, (DA) in an article attributed to Haniff Hoosen, the Shadow Minister of Home Affairs, exposed that the million of foreigners coming to South Africa pay “the Guptas and the Zumas” before they arrive.

The article titled: “Sluggish service to foreign nationals due to xenophobic culture in department”, said the Guptas captured President Zuma, captured SA government and the entire tourism industry.

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According to DA, “the millions of people who travel to our country, are paying the Guptas and the Zumas even before they arrive here.

These crooks are not only fleecing South Africans, they have now upgraded their corrupt operations and will now be raking in billions of rands from foreigners who travel here.

Before any tourist even puts a foot in our country, the Guptas get their share first. Any person in the world, who wants to travel to our country for work, business or pleasure, must first pay their share to the Guptas,” the article stated.

As related, Malusi Gigaba, the Minister of Home Affairs ensured this via the introduction of new permits.

Before that, DA said he signed a contract with a company called VFS. Which “is the company that processes visa applications on behalf of Home Affairs for people travelling into South Africa. The company has headquarters in India and now also has offices in Dubai.” It charges about R1 300 for each visa application.

The DA Shadow Minister said his request for a copy of the contract with VFS was denied. And that “the department has been keeping that contract and all the details around the VFS Tender under lock and key.”

He explained that the contract between the Home Affairs and VFS looks very legitimate. But pointed out that when a traveler “makes a payment to VFS, a receipt is issued, and that receipt is in the name of a company called Islandsite Investments.

The Directors of that company are two very famous people. Duduzane Zuma and Rajesh Gupta,” the Shadow Minister disclosed.

Based on that, DA hinted that VFS contract is the reason the Home Affairs Minister recently announced another new permit for citizens of Lesotho.

“In order for them to stay in the country, legal or illegal, they must obtain the new Lesotho Special Permit.

There are an estimate of 400 000 Lesotho citizens in the country and even more are likely to move to SA now that there is a four-year permit available for them to live here.

Soon there will be nobody left in Lesotho and guess who will be processing those applications and how many more millions the Guptas will be scoring,” stated the article.

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