Food Poisoning: 52 People Hospitalized After Feasting On Dead Cow


More than 50 people were hospitalized for food poisoning in Baringo County, Kenya, after consuming the meat from a cow that had died from an unknown disease.

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According to an eye witness, the cow they ate was said to have had diarrhea which may have led to its death. The people slaughtered and ate the meat from the cow without minding that it died from a mysterious disease.

“It had diarrhea before it died. Then they slaughtered it and feasted on its meat. After consuming the meat, people … became as weak as the cow,” the eye witness said.

The food poisoning victims were rushed to the nearest Makutani dispensary where they were admitted, but had to spend the night outside due to the poor state of the dispensary which was said to be understaffed and lacked sufficient facilities.

It was a sight to behold as doctors had to hang drips on trees and windows of the small facility in order to save their lives.

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“I have tried to manage these symptoms from Saturday until today,” said a health official at the dispensary, while indicating that at least 37 had already been discharged from the dispensary after making sure that they are out of danger from the food poisoning.

In another disturbing event in the neighboring county of Nakuru, police on Monday busted a group that slaughtered stolen donkeys and then distribute the meat to butcheries to be sold to unsuspecting consumers.

Health officials have raised questions and shown concern over the quality of meat consumed by the public as reports have indicated that non-inspected meat was sold across the country.

This is a big and deadly neglect of ones health especially from those who sell non-inspected meat in the without any regard for human health.

It is also very important to cook meat very well before consumption as the heat will kill some micro organisms that may be detrimental to health.