‘ANC Hand Out Food Parcels For Love, Not To Gain Votes’ – Ramaphosa


South Africa’s deputy president, Cyril Ramaphosa said his party (ANC) hands out food parcels to South Africans due to their love for the people and not because they want to gain votes.

Mr Deputy President was addressing the National Assembly yesterday during a question and answer session. There, he argued that the ruling party is capable of convincing South Africans to vote for the ANC in the upcoming municipal elections without distributing food parcels.

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MP Liezl van der Merwe from Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) asked if remedial action would be recommended following the Public Protector’s report into the alleged abuse of state funds which enabled the distribution of food parcels during the run up to 2009 elections by Julius Malema who was the ANC Youth League leader then.

Responding, Ramaphosa told the Assembly that the Minister of Social Development has issued an undertaking which stipulates that only Social Development officials and Sassa staff are allowed to distribute social relief to qualified beneficiaries.

“In this regard, Ramaphosa said, “government respects the office of the Public Protector and accepts that the remedial action she takes is binding unless reviewed or set aside by a court of law.

Government is further more committed in ensuring that all members of the executive abide by the executive code, ethics code and that all state resources are used with great care and for the purpose for which they were allocated.”

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Thereafter, he asserted that “the ANC does not need to buy votes through giving people food parcels.”

Acorrding to him, “ANC has enough capability to convince people to vote for them rather than through buying them through food parcels.

They are also given out even in non ANC controlled provinces. You can therefore not say that when people are hungry and are under stress and distress, when they are given assistance it is for buying votes.” ANC hand out food parcels for love, not to gain votes, He emphasized.

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