FNB USSD Code for Cellphone Banking

The First National Bank, FNB USSD code is *120*321#, and it’s made available to its customers for cellphone banking.

Are you a new or an existing customer of the First National Bank? Do you want an easy and simple way to transact with the bank using the USSD code? Then you’re reading the right article. We’ll be discussing in detail the effectiveness of the USSD code, how to register and get started using the code, and lots more.

FNB Cellphone Banking USSD

The USSD banking code for First National Bank is *120*321#. The FNB USSD code for cellphone banking allows customers an easy and secure way to transact – transfer money, purchase airtime, or check their account balance. Aside from the code, you can also call the customer agent on their cell number to get through with your transaction.

With this code, you can effectively carry out transactions like;

  • Send funds using your eWallet
  • Check balances on any of your accounts
  • Pay traffic fine
  • Transfer money within your FNB accounts
  • Buy Power Ball
  • Prepaid electricity purchase
  • Purchase LOTTO
  • Transfer money to anyone
  • Purchase Telkom
  • Receive confirmation of your financial transactions
  • Make transactions to Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia
  • Maintain your banking details on the FNB
  • Receive mini banking statement

FNB USSD Code for Cellphone Banking

FNB Cellphone Banking Number

The FNB cellphone banking number is *120*2345#. By dialing this number, you can access your account details, pay bills, buy airtime and data, make other payments, etc.

How To Register for Cellphone Banking on FNB

There are four different ways to register for your cellphone banking on FNB. However, to report using the USSD code, you dial *120*321# or call 087 575 9405 and accept the terms and conditions. The procedure for this is detailed below;

  • Dial *120*321# or *130*321#
  • Then select the “More Features” option from the menu and accept Ts and Cs
  • Next, click on ‘Continue’
  • Enter your ATM card pin
  • Then enter a 5-digit banking pin, one you can easily remember
  • Re-enter pin to confirm
  • Successful registration will then be displayed on your screen
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Check out the other ways to register for your cellphone banking on the FNB;

  • For online registration using the mobile banking app, go to www.fnb.co.za; with your username and password, go to the settings
  • You can also visit the FNB ATM location. On the machine, go to My Banking Option or More Options on the displayed menu and select the option to register for Cellphone Banking
  • You can apply at any FNB branch

How to Transfer Money Using FNB Cellphone Banking

Cellphone banking has made it easy to carry out financial transactions safely without going to the bank. To transfer money using FNB cellphone banking, follow the few steps below;

  • Dial *120*321# on your mobile device
  • Click on ‘Send Money’
  • Click on your eWallet and select the account you want to transfer money to
  • Type in the cell phone number you want to send the money to, and enter the amount
  • Select ‘Yes’ for the receiver to get an SMS and an ATM withdrawal PIN for easy withdrawal
  • Confirm the amount and cell phone number of the recipient before hitting the send button

First National Bank (FNB)

FNB USSD Code to Check Balance

To check your account balance and other financial details on FNB using the USSD code, you’ll need to dial the code *120*321#. A drop-down menu will appear on your screen, select the ‘Check Balance’ option, and display your balance right before you.

The FNB USSD code is the simplest and quickest way to transact with the bank in the comfort of your home. With the above information, there’s no limit to what you can do using the code. This saves you the stress of standing in a long queue in the banking hall.

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