Cool! FNB Creates Movable Banks For Rural Communities


Mobile bank here, doesn’t refer to using a mobile device to conduct business transactions.

It rather, refers to a moving bank built with shipping containers and equipped with banking facilities like the ATM and ADT (automated deposit terminal).

Reports have it that FNB (First National Bank) launched a mobile banking unit yesterday in Johannesburg.

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The intent was to provide banking services for residents of rural communities living afar from where banks are situated. This initiative as learnt, emanated from FNB’s quest to solve real-life banking problems.

FNB’s chief executive Lee-Ann van Zyl, said the decision to introduce the mobile banking unit follows the need to enable more customers access the bank easily.

According to her, the mobile banks are fully equipped and customers can deposit cheques, make prepaid purchases, open savings/investment accounts and even apply for loans.

Van Zyl related that the mobile banking units are movable and would be operated in such manner that will avail them where they are most needed.

She said: “We are consistently looking at ways of making banking accessible to all South Africans. South Africa still has a large section of the population that has limited access to banking facilities and we want to turn this around.

The first step for us was to think about an innovative way of delivering a full suite of banking facilities to rural communities in a convenient fashion.

(This) innovation is a big part of FNB’s ethos. And, and as a business we encourage everyone to play a role in coming up with ideas that not only challenge convention, but address customer needs and increase efficiency.”

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Also, the chief executive divulged that the community of Mutale in Limpopo ought to have been the first recipient of the mobile bank.

She nonetheless, explained that the movable bank would be temporarily placed at the Phumulani Mall in Tembisa to help residents access banking services following the resent natural disaster in the area.